Breast cancer : a scalpel as prevention

Breast cancer : a scalpel as prevention
Breast cancer affects one in eight women, five-year survival rate is only 90%.Scientists around the world are engaged in the problems of prevention of this deadly disease.

For surgical treatment of breast cancer include removal of the affected breast tissue along with nearby lymph nodes - a mastectomy (removal of the affected breast) or bilateral mastectomy (removal of both breasts).In addition, doctors have resorted to radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

Breast Cancer: Risk Factors

Scientists warn that 10% of breast cancer is caused by a genetic predisposition of patients, relatives who suffered from breast cancer.Other risk factors include early onset of menstruation, late onset of menopause and during the birth of their first child after 30 years.Men also can get sick with breast cancer, but this phenomenon is infrequent.

Some women in the group of increased risk, recourse to prophylactic mastectomy to prevent the development of breast cancer (although this does not guarantee 100%

protection).Immediately after bilateral prophylactic mastectomy women do not doubt the correctness of the choice, but if patients are still satisfied with this many years later?


Researchers interviewed 269 women who had decided to remove the breast in the hope to protect themselves from breast cancer.After 20 years, only 3% of them were disappointed svomm decision.86% were satisfied with the result, and 95% claimed that if they had to choose again, they would have done just as well.However, one-third of the women interviewed still marked feeling of inferiority and lack of sexual attraction for men.

Chest can be restored

On the other hand, after breast reconstruction for many patients their chest like it even more than before the operation.After breast reconstruction technique in recent years has reached great heights, and this suggests that in the future the number of malcontents surgery women will be less.

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