What to do after eating : fasting days

What to do after eating : fasting days
Occasions sincerely treat yourself to delicious, and sometimes not very healthy food does not have to come up with - full of them already.Funny birthdays and anniversaries meaningful, prolonged holidays, the end positions, a trip to relatives, gastronomic trips and even stress - all of which can cause a banal overeating.

Given the tendency of modern man to self-healing and self-flagellation, it is quite clear "strong-willed" solutions suffered from food to arrange a fasting days.

here and get rid of the unpleasant symptoms and attempt to rebuke and punish herself for the abuse.But is fasting days - this is a way out of this situation?And if you decide to take this step, it is better to know in advance about all the pros, cons, side effects and possible outcomes.

Payment after overeating

tradeoff for overeating may be nausea and vomiting, feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, and sometimes palpable swelling it.Stomach, without having to process excessive amount of food, it starts to send the intesti

ne half-digested.The situation is aggravated by deficiency of enzyme systems function, all this leads to frequent semi-liquid stool, and sometimes diarrhea.

possible and diametrical problem - constipation, which also leads to an ease in his belly.

stagnation large amount of undigested food in the gut can lead to spoilage liquids, these decomposition products can seriously poisoned body.Hence - skin problems, bad breath and unpleasant smell of sweat, general deterioration.

Also after overeating often somnolence, decreased performance, physical activity and dulling of mental activity.

In addition, frequent overeating can cause psychological problems, lower self-esteem, to enter into a depression or affect the sexual life.

After eating: remove the symptoms

first step is to stop.The realization of the fact of overeating and avoiding further abuse has become a basis for improvement.

If you feel after eating not only poor, but also raises serious concerns for the health - should seek medical advice.If frankly frightening conditions are not observed, then lie down to rest.you begin to feel better after only 30-40 minutes.

only time - do not lie down on your stomach, it is not necessary to complicate the work of your stomach.But to help the gastrointestinal tract with a light massage of the abdomen, or a warm hot water bottle does not hurt.

If overeating makes itself felt, but you feel the force on a short walk in the fresh air, do not give up on her.Light exercise will stimulate the bowels, relieve him from accumulated gases and helps to normalize digestion.

alleviate the condition cup of tea with ginger, green tea or herbal special collection for the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract.They can also help some digestive enzyme tablets means - pancreatin or its analogs.

However, they are not a panacea, over time the effectiveness of the tablets fall, and accustomed to assistance from the body ceases to cope with the required volume of work that will lead to the deterioration of the situation.

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Fasting days after overeating

One of the most popular replacements long-term diet and way to "cure" from overeating is the practice of fasting days.As advantages is the ability to quickly rid the body of toxins and impurities, to rest overworked digestive tract and even lose some weight.

essence of the practice is to regularly or after eating to abandon the usual food and its volumes, replacing it with some of the less calorie and healthier foods.

meaning of such diets is, while the mind is not giving way to fanaticism.A sober assessment of their capabilities and not abuse such discharge, the body emaciated by hunger certainly avenge you, once again opens free access to food.And get rid of the consequences of overeating and automatically prepare yourself for overeating following at least illogical.

Do not try to pace yourself fasting days excessive exercise.Nutritionists advise to refuse at all at this time of the fitness clubs and gyms, allowing the body to safely pass a stressful situation.

not buoyed themselves diuretics and laxatives, but do not forget to drink plenty of water.You can also improve the overall tone by visiting the sauna or phyto barrels, but these procedures must be approached carefully - to spend such events already on the first day after a heavy binge will unlikely.It is best to schedule them as the final stage of discharge when your condition has returned to normal.

Check yourself from the comfort of fasting days in a normal rhythm of life.Beware re overeating - it could make the problem worse, and even more upset digestion.

should remember that fasting days are contraindicated:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • children and adolescents;
  • in diabetes;
  • in diseases of the stomach, kidneys and liver;
  • with general weakening of the body's disease.

In all the above cases, it is imperative to consult a doctor, or an attempt to improve health can result in disaster.

Tips pursuit

  • should not have for the company - a large number of friends you can gradually increase to undesirable dimensions.If an overwhelming desire to eat attacking you at night, there will come to the rescue of a glass of kefir.Not only does it fill the void in the stomach and the soul, but also help in the work of the intestine.
  • Avoid snacking for a TV, laptop or book.Carried away by what is happening on the screen, we are disconnected from the food process and cease to control it.In the end, it is insulting to swallow the meal and not rasprobovat its incomparable taste due to excessive concentration on the fate of a favorite character of the series.
  • chewing food thoroughly, you will feel a pleasant saturation without concomitant weight in the stomach.
  • And finally - give up any kind of fast food - will be healthier!

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