Rhinitis : how to treat

Rhinitis : how to treat
Some people do not leave the bubble drops for the nose and a huge handkerchief.It is not necessary to go to such torment.Rhinitis can be and should be treated.

Vasomotor rhinitis - Chronic inflammation of tissues of the sinuses, accompanied by the growth of blood vessels, excessive inflow of blood in them and, as a result, swelling and difficulty breathing.It is dangerous to further changes in the nasal mucosa and the accession of other diseases of the nasopharynx, such as sinusitis.

Causes of vasomotor rhinitis doctors associated with the disruption of the autonomic nervous system, which is closely related to many processes in the body, in particular vascular tone.The mistake is that many people are moving to vasoconstrictor nose drops and use them for years, further exacerbating the problem.But rhinitis can and should be treated - in other ways.

How to treat rhinitis

Conservative treatment of rhinitis involve:

  • in the presence of vascular dystonia - a total reduction of nervous excitability;
  • prescriptions, strengthens the vascular wall and normalize vascular tone;
  • injection of drugs into the inner tissues of the nose, helps to reduce the volume of the vessel and bonding of their walls;
  • rinsing the nasal passages, mucous processing means, reduces swelling and inflammation.

to surgical methods include surgery to destroy the corpus cavernosum and the removal of overgrown blood vessels in the nasal passages:

  • using galvanic current;
  • radio wave devices;
  • laser beam;
  • elektroplazmennym coagulator;
  • ultrasonic coagulator.

operations to prevent excessive blood flow to the nasal mucosa and mucosa of the clean.After that, the nasal passages become wider, swelling subside the next day after surgery, and people can breathe freely.

After surgery, the patient undergoes therapy to strengthen the immune system to reduce the risk to pick up in the future viral infections that can cause long-term inflammation of the nasal passages.

So, you need not fret - the question of how to treat rhinitis, there is an answer!

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