7 interesting facts about kilocalories

7 interesting facts about kilocalories
control caloric intake today recognized as the most popular means of maintaining or losing weight.

To refresh your knowledge of kilocalories or learn about them something new, we offer you to get acquainted with these interesting facts.

exact number of calories in foods is difficult to determine

error sometimes may reach 20-30%.For example, in a ripe apple more carbohydrates, respectively, bigger and calories and fat content of the milk from the same cow may differ depending on the feed.

more calorie food is not necessarily more satisfying

Interesting fact: a sense of saturation depends not only on high-calorie foods, but also on its chemical composition.Nourishing food - one in which more protein: why on protein diets tend to want to have a much less than, for example, low-fat.

calories Quality is just as important as their number

A simple example: in front of us a plate of vegetable salad, seasoned with olive oil and a little chocolate.The two - 150 calories.After eating a bowl of salad, we

get the fiber, vitamins, healthy fats, chocolate - sugar and fat.This salad is also better to saturate, and part of calories consumed in the digestion of fat.

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number one fuel for our body - carbohydrates

They need the most: up to 50% of total calories.If you lose weight, then fat may account for 20% of the total caloric intake, while the share of proteins - 30%.However, this ratio can also be adjusted in either direction.

calorie needs depend on age and physical activity

For simplicity, we recommend focus on the performance of the book of Alla Pogozheva, Head of Department of Cardiovascular Pathology Clinic Clinical Nutrition Research Institute of Nutrition "Strategy of healthy nutrition from adolescence to adulthood."When not too active lifestyle (light fitness, walking no more than 30 minutes a day), women 19-30 years of age should consume 2000 kcal, 31-50 years - no more than 1800 calories, over 50 - not more than 1600 kcal.A more substantial exertion (regular fitness classes for more than 40 minutes a day) is necessary to increase caloric intake to 2400, 2200 kcal and 2000 kcal respectively.

most insidious calories - obtained

alcohol in 1 gram of alcohol about 7 calories, ie only 2 kcal less than 1 gram of fat!The "drunken" calories rather quickly absorbed by the body and, like fats, tend to accumulate in the form of excess fat.

on calorie foods affect the way they heat treatment

When grilling meat drips up to 50% fat, whereas when cooking - only 10-15%.Only need to fry without oil.As regards cereals, the more they seethe, the easier it will be absorbed from these calories.Summary: The best little undercooked, the digest them.

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