Cholera still threatens humanity

Cholera still threatens humanity
This disease has not remained in the distant past.The risk of contracting cholera in our time still remains.

Cholera - an acute infectious disease, for many centuries, terrifying.In the Middle Ages it from dying out entire cities.Today, the danger of scale are not the same, but the likelihood of contamination and the spread of the infection remains.


Vibrio cholerae (cholera vibrio) - a bacterium that can rapidly move using flagella, and is present in many water bodies (fortunately, in a concentration safe for humans).Swallowing water with a minimum amount of vibrio, we may not have to worry, as they will immediately die in the acidic environment of the stomach.But if their concentration is high enough, the risk of infection increases many times.

also vibrio may exist on the skin of fruits and vegetables, or at the hands of the sick person.Thus, cholera is transmitted by the fecal-oral traditional (with unwashed hands, fruits, vegetables, dirty water), rather than by airborne droplets.

Symptoms of cholera

short incubation period of the disease: only 2-3 days.Cholerae multiply rapidly in the small intestine and produce a special toxin that causes persistent diarrhea (more than 10 times per day) and uncontrollable vomiting.The man quickly loses a lot of fluid (about 20 liters per day), there is a strong dehydration, so that the patient may experience convulsions, severe weakness, dramatic weight loss (sunken eyes, sharpen nose).The skin of hands and feet becomes cyanotic, cold and wrinkled (together with water it loses its elasticity).When failure to provide immediate medical care a person can die within the first days.

In recent years, cholera usually is mild, it can be even more dangerous, because it is often confused with the usual poisoning.

Cholera Treatment

only in a hospital.First of all antibiotics used along with the recovery of electrolyte and acid-base balance in the body of the patient.

In providing timely assistance to the recovery is guaranteed.

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