Tick ​​under the skin - demodekoz

kind Demodex mites - are not the only parasites of the skin, which usually do not cause disease, having a small size.

These mites live in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, feed on sebum.In the external environment, or from the action of disinfectants, they die quickly.For a long time ticks can survive outside the host in the oil in a fat cream.At a temperature of + 30-40 degrees ticks begins violent livelihoods, so exacerbation demodicosis associated with the hot season or length of stay in a hot room, taking hot baths.

Under adverse conditions, when the immune system is weakened, the mite under the skin rapidly multiply and cause disease - Acne.Just stay in a hot environment, under the sun - from the main precipitating factors.Other triggers may be surgery on the eyes, acne and other skin lesions.In addition, internal diseases, such as diabetes, nerve, vascular and gastrointestinal lead to decreased immunity and contribute to the emergence of the parasitic skin disease.

Favourite places dem

odectic lesions - the face and edges of the eyelids, is rarely the scalp and other areas of the skin.For large clusters mite in the hair follicles, the hair (or eyelashes) die and fall.Ill can be anyone, regardless of gender and age.

tick under the skin

symptoms are often similar to acne eruptions.When demodicosis skin also appear rashes on the skin, they may be accompanied by small bubbles, peeling of the skin.Redness of the skin occurs at the peak of activity of pathological process, and then, with a decrease in the number of individuals tick, skin color returns to normal.Sometimes there is a slight itching, tingling or "pins and needles".

If the disease struck the eyelids, the patients have itchy eyelids and eyebrows, foreign body sensation or sand in the eyes, fatigue and severity of age, the morning is marked sticky discharge on the edge of the eyelids, and during the day accumulates foamy mass around the eyes.When demodicosis violated function of the skin glands and lid margin, their mouth and extended with pressure from their thick liquid can act (which is used in the diagnosis).The presence of the mite in the hair follicle is determined under a microscope.

demodectic mange treatment for a long period, take 1 1.5 months or more.The complex treatment includes agents that suppress the number of mite, anti-inflammatory and symptomatic drugs and physiotherapy.The skin was disinfected with 2% salicylic alcohol or tincture of wormwood, including lid margin.Then put metrogil gel, and after 1-1.5 hours - ointment Demalan suppressing mite.Processing is carried out several times a day.If the affected eye prescribe additional antiglaucoma drugs that paralyze the mite and anti-syndrome of "dry eye" (a natural tear, oftagel, Poludanum).

After the main course of treatment, in order to restore eyelashes, appoint rubbing burdock oil in the lid margin is long.Physiotherapy complementary drug therapy.Properly conducted treatment leads to recovery, but demodicosis often recurs, because it is important to be patient and to be treated until the end.It should also seek treatment of internal diseases, especially liver, immune system support.

Skin Recovery demodectic mange using cosmetic procedures carried out with caution, be sure to apply disinfectant and prophylactic agents against mite.Please update your cosmetics and creams to gain from the jars using cotton swabs or disposable paper strips so as not to place a tick in the cream.

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