How do you get herpes ?

Herpes simplex virus has several forms and it is highly infectious for humans and pets.

How do you get herpes?

Herpes simplex virus has several forms and it is highly infectious for humans and pets.In the external environment, the herpes virus is unstable, quickly dies.Once penetrated, it is always hidden in the human or animal, from time to time going to the active state, ie, causing relapse.

relapse tends to weaken immunity.

most common types of herpes simplex virus - 1 and 2 antigenic types, they hit more than two-thirds of the world's population.The first type of herpes simplex causes "cold" on the lips, a rash forms on the wings of the nose and inside the nostrils, sometimes affects the mucous membrane of the eye and the cornea.Infected with herpes can be in contact with the patient through kissing, through touch, through close conversation or use patient items shortly thereafter.

Prevention of herpes on the lips includes ways to avoid relapses blisters.Firstly, it is necessary to strengthen t

he immune system, described in a variety of methods, you only need to select and prefer to practice.It is advisable to take vitamin complexes osennee- spring, when the body comes from the weakening of natural causes.

necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right.It is believed that the use of chocolate, cocoa, peanut promotes occurrence of bubbles.A coffee, alcohol and smoking weakens the immune system.For the prevention of herpes may include limiting exposure to direct sun, abuse solarium, nervousness and irritability, hypothermia.

avoid unpleasant rashes can lubricate the starting place of the future focus of Fenistil pentsivirom or Zovirax at the first sensation of itching, tingling or other unpleasant sensations.If the hand is not a medical cream, rashes can suspend by applying swab with alcohol or with ice.

How do you get Herpes

herpes virus type 2 is called the sexual or genital because it is sexually transmitted and is localized in the genital area.Symptoms of genital herpes are similar to the expression of "personal" type, just pour out vials of clear liquid under which the skin (or mucous) red and compacted.The liquid in the blisters become cloudy and they burst and gradually shrivel to form a crust.Relapse is accompanied by pain, burning, temperature rise, malaise, inguinal lymph nodes increases.All recurrence or outbreak of disease from first symptoms to complete healing crusts takes 2-3 weeks.

This type of herpes - a serious disease that leads to cervical cancer, causing prostatitis and urethritis is dangerous during pregnancy.How is genital herpes?It is transmitted through sexual contact of any kind, through saliva, sperm through, through contact with the centers directly or use a towel.Sometimes genital herpes occurs without external manifestations, while maintaining their infectious properties, especially in men.

fight with herpes is based on the exchange application of antiviral drugs with proven efficacy.There are indispensable Valtrex and Famvir.In periods of flares need to abstain from sex until complete healing of the lesions.

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