How to treat a vertebral hernia without surgery

hernia or disc herniation of intervertebral disc protrusion called the edges of the vertebrae in the form of herniation of the disc displacement from their usual place.This can happen with osteochondrosis of the affected disk with a sharp movement or lifting weights.

protruding herniated disc can compress the roots of the spinal cord and surrounding tissue, causing the symptoms of sciatica: a sudden pain in the lower back, which gives up on its rear surface.In addition to mechanical compression of the spine, pressed down his veins, develops edema and venous congestion in the area of ​​the spine, which can subsequently lead to the formation of adhesions.

Intervertebral discs are similar to rubber gaskets round shape of an elastic material, can change shape and are used for depreciation.According to the structure of the disks are not the same.The core drive semi-liquid consistency, is cartilaginous ring around it.Degenerative (painful) changes in the discs occur in osteochondrosis, disc herniation often

occurs in the lumbar region.Depending on the degree of protrusion, that is, the value of hernia develops a picture of sciatica, or a more serious complication - compression of the substance of the spinal cord or the roots of a large group, make up a ponytail spinal cord.

How to treat a hernia operation without

When compression (compression of) the spinal cord of the substance or the cauda equina roots need urgent surgery, in other words not solve this problem.If the hernia causing compression of the spine or irritation only adjacent ligamentous apparatus of the spine, hold conservative treatment, ie without surgery.In the acute period required bed rest, pain therapy (NSAIDs), novocaine blockade with vitamin B12 painful zones, prescribe drugs that reduce muscle tension (sibazon, baclofen) and physiotherapy (ultrasound with hydrocortisone, dynamic currents).

the recession of acute pain prescribe massage and physiotherapy exercises.To unload and lock the affected spine, it is recommended to wear a belt lifter or a lightweight corset.When pathologies of the intervertebral disc (osteochondrosis) successfully applied the treatment of vertebral hernia laser.Depending on the degree of protrusion is carried out one or more courses of laser therapy.

With moderate pain syndrome laser enables rapid pain relief, reduces swelling and inflammation.Especially effective laser at hernias of the cervical spine, discs are more available for exposure through the side of the neck.The use of laser increases the effects of drugs taken in pill or put into injections.This is due to improved blood flow in the lesion by the laser exposure.The new method of treatment of vertebral hernia laser phoresis (administration of drugs through the skin under the influence of the laser) also gives good results.

There are treatments for vertebral hernia folk remedies, such as medicinal baths.1. Pour 300g grass knotweed 5 liters of boiling water.wrap up and insist 2 hours.Pour into a bath of warm water 34-35 degrees.Take a bath for 15-20 minutes.2. Peppermint bath, which is contraindicated in diseases of the heart, blood vessels, psyche.Take peppermint leaves, pour water in the ratio 1: 3, boiled for 15 minutes on low heat, remove the lid and insist 30 minutes.Poured into a hot water bath.Take a bath as long as the body is not to steam.After the bath, rub the body dry with a towel, put on a pure wool suit, socks and go to bed under a warm blanket.3. Bath of hay dust, is contraindicated in a sick heart and mental diseases.Take 1 kg of hay dust, pour 1 bucket of water, boil for 30 minutes, then insist 30-40 more minutes and poured into a hot water bath comfortable temperature.Take a bath before steaming the body.Then wipe dry, dress in warm and go to bed.These baths are a potent tool in spinal osteochondrosis.

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