How to treat hives

How to treat hives at home?To begin with, it is possible with light forms of the disease.

How to treat hives at home?To begin with, it is possible with light forms of the disease.First of all, eliminate, if possible, the allergen (factor provoking the appearance of hives).Take antihistamines (allergy) preparations and desensitizing agents (calcium supplements).In food and drug hives recommended laxatives and diuretics for the rapid elimination of allergens from the body.Outdoor treatment is reduced to wiping the skin antipruritic solution (alcohol solution of salicylic acid or menthol) and application of ointments with antipruritic and restoring action (fenistil gel, ointment solkoseril).

How to treat urticaria in children - need to know every mother.Children's rash develops on the background of a diathesis, mostly in bottle-and overfeed children.Proper feeding and proper care for the baby - a pledge of his health, including the skin of the child.When hygiene procedures should be thoroughly cleaned (w

ith baby soap, baby shampoo) baby's skin and check all the folds of the presence of chafing and rashes.After bathing, be sure to lubricate the entire body of the child baby cream or oil.If you have mild hive wipe with a cotton swab dipped in pink solution of potassium permanganate (or broth succession) and blotting, gel or applied fenistil Psili Balm.The favorite place of appearance of hives - in large folds, buttocks, arms and cheeks, upper torso.Just need to reconsider the power to identify the allergen.

In recent years, increasingly common cold allergy in people of all ages.How to treat a cold urticaria - this question does not seem rare, and this allergen can not be excluded in the winter season.Cold urticaria appears suddenly, in response to low temperature, usually on the hands and face.The degree of its manifestation depends on the degree of hypersensitivity of the body to low temperature.The drug of choice from the group antihistamines is Sempreks.The rest of the treatment is the same as with other forms of urticaria.For the purpose of prevention must be applied on the face and hands of special protective cream before going out.In addition, we recommend a series of measures to strengthen immunity (gymnastics, vitamins, adaptogens).

allergic urticaria (depending on its type and form) is treated as a predbolezn several chronic skin diseases.By eliminating the causes of urticaria passes, recovery occurs.Along with the official medicine, there are treatments for urticaria non-traditional methods of traditional medicine.

How to treat hives

How to treat urticaria folk remedies at home, let us consider a few examples.Known effectiveness Duckweed swamp hives, its use inside in dried form (1 tablespoon of powder - 4 times a day before meals) or making a decoction (1 table spoon of chopped seaweed per 100 ml of boiling water bath 10 minutes, cool, and immediatelydrink).Let us give a few simple recipes.Dilute the juice of dill with water at a ratio of 1: 2, and used as a compress for itching.Mummies Dilute 1 g per 1 liter of warm water (a good mummy dissolves easily) and take 1 per day for adults and children from 8 years on the 100ml, children from 1 up to 3 years - on 50ml, children 4-7let - for 70ml solution.It is useful to have baked potatoes in the ashes.

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