Corsets as an assistant against back pain

Initially, back pain and neck arise from improper posture.When we move, we go, we have a straight posture, his head supported by the correct position of the spine.When we sit for a long time, his head quietly issued ahead because the muscles that support it, get tired.

Yes, even sitting with a rounded lower back, shoulders hunched.Typically, this contributes to the design of the chair or seat.Gradually spoils posture and spinal curvature are formed, are prerequisites for his disease.Of course, this is not the only man-made cause for back pain.

The first thing you need to avoid in everyday life, it is rounding your lower back when you sit in an easy chair in the office behind a desk or driving a car.To do this, lumbar cushions are available with a strap for fastening to the body or to the back of the chair, and without attachments - sleep.Sleeps available lumbar and cervical rolls (they are different in terms of volume), they are used as a support while sleeping in osteochondrosis.Surprisingly, this si

mple tool allows you to restore strong, healthy sleep.Other aides sound sleep - orthopedic pillows and mattresses that maintain the natural curves of the spine during sleep.

Corsets against pain

back often when performing the work necessary to keep the head, neck or back in an uncomfortable position for hours, fatigue sets in and the pain as a result.To prevent curvature of the spine, can be used Distsiplinator posture or posture corrector.In more severe cases, doctors recommend a medical corset from the stoop.These devices record the correct position of the top of the spine.In the process, you need to use short breaks to take the correct posture and exercise.

People who already have diseases of the spine, it is very difficult to do the job, so grows back pain by the end of the working day.The medical device industry produces - helpers against back pain.Primarily this includes medical corset back to various modifications and destination.

Most often used corsets lumbosacral, protivoradikulitnye.They vary in size, the degree of compression and additional functions.The compression ratio provided by the presence of metal or plastic ribs coupler device and elasticity of the material from which they are made.

used for the manufacture of flexible textiles Elastic mech, designed specifically for the orthopedic industry, and the material is recognized by leading orthopedic companies, due to their compression properties - Soft bertex.These and breathable wicking materials that provide comfort during use.

thoracolumbar corsets are also produced for use in patients with lesions of thoracic and lumbar spine.They differ in height.Corsets Lumbar neoprene has an additional function - a warming effect.There are models of lumbar corset with elastic inserts for less rigid fixation.

apply the definition of a model taking into account the nature of the disease, on doctor's advice.We do not recommend permanent long wearing corsets even perfectly matched indications, in order to avoid muscle atrophy and the disruption of the internal organs.It is better to wear a corset on time.

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