How to treat back pain

Back pain is often associated with diseases of the spine.

acute backache is usually treated with a short course of injections of NSAIDs.Within 3-5 days.The worst condition amenable to treatment when the back hurts constantly.This can occur in many diseases of the spine, apart from pain in the affected department often causes many other symptoms, such as cervical osteochondrosis frequent headache, cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure, and in the breast - difficulty breathing, cough.Lumbosacral spine - the basic unit of our body mobility.

Therefore, apart from medical procedures, the patient is important to take 4 rules for daily life to avoid unnecessary aggravations and pain.


Try to be as straight as possible.Change your posture, lean in turns it to one, then the other leg.Walk on the spot, do not stand for a long time in a frozen pose.

When performing homework, try to bend less.To vacuuming under furniture, fill the bed or tie your shoelaces will be safer and easier

to get up on one knee.When you pet clothes or wash the dishes, you can put a support under foot.If strained neck by tilting the head, you can lean your head to the cabinet above the sink.


Try to sit up straight, without tilting the head and upper back forward.Change your position every 15 minutes, if only slightly.It is enough to change a bit position back and legs.Even better time to time (45 minutes) to get up and look a bit like.Adjust the height of your chair so that his legs were bent at a right angle and feet flat on the floor.Behind the wheel of the car take a comfortable position to spin in place of its bending had good support.

RULE 3. Raise the goods correctly.

possible, do not lift anything heavier than 3-5 kg, especially if you are a woman.Avoid sudden jerks and torso twists.Do not carry a load in one hand - spread it apart.When lifting cargo bend his legs, not your back.

RULE 4. Lay and wake up CORRECTLY.

Lying on your back, place a pillow under your head and knees, as if lying on your stomach - pillow under the stomach.The most common position - on the side.Lying on your side, slightly bend your knees and hips, tilt your chin to your chest.

recommended sleep on a hard mattress and elastic.Do not lie long in one position, you need to turn.Climbing out of bed should be from a position on one side.To do this, you first need to delete your feet on the floor, and then, leaning on hands, get up and sit closer to the edge.Then you can stand without tilting the torso forward strongly.

These simple rules are easy to make it a habit to make their lives easier, avoiding relapses.But how to treat back pain in acute or chronic manifestation?In the acute period of pain in the back stand three main tasks: 1. Create the rest of the affected muscles: hard bed, wearing belts, corsets.2. The maximum pain relief.An excellent remedy for back pain is Ketorol its take 1 tablet 2-3 times a day after meals, course of 5 days.3. An effective and safe anti-inflammatory treatment.As the reduction of pain intensity after administration ketorol recommended to go to the reception of nimesulide on 1 tablet 2 times a day after meals, course of 10 days.

If back pain - the ointment should be used in conjunction with oral pills.Recommended Nise, ketorol, Nurofen, Fastum, flexo.With moderate pain syndrome and recommended supercooling Kapsikam, finalgon.

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