How to get rid of acne men

known that acne can occur at any age and for different reasons.But more often the person with this annoying problem is not interested in causes, and ways to get rid of it.

Every third man considers his skin sensitive, investing in this concept is the tendency to irritation after shaving.Pimples on the chin in men occur because of skin irritation.It is important to finish every shave treatment "aftershave", which has antiseptic properties.

And what smear spots already appeared?cosmetics Means a great multitude, but it's better to play it safe, to quickly resolve the problem.It is best to use Metrogil gel, it is sold in a pharmacy.Metrogil gel is very easy to use, it is odorless, transparent consistency invisible on the skin, has antibacterial properties.If you accidentally torn off a pimple, you can also use a cream with silver (Argosulfan, Dalargin) or chlorhexidine (Hexicon, Bepanten plus).Cauterize acne iodine is not recommended, it is inefficient and visible on the skin.It is important to stress th

at squeeze pimples dangerous.

If pimples nose large, to add to the topical treatment of ingestion of tablets.Assign a course of metronidazole (Trichopolum) 10 days on 2 tablets 2 times a day, or a course of antibiotics (doxycycline, JUnidoks) also for 10 days.If this treatment is not successful, you need to consult a dermatologist for diagnosis and selection of treatment.The fact that it may be not acne or severe stage of acne, which can not be overcome alone.

How to get rid of acne for men?We need to organize their lives, make their own "rhythm".This will add confidence and balance the nervous system.Eliminate time on fatty, spicy food and alcohol (especially during drug administration), chocolate and coffee.Be sure to quit smoking!Adequate sleep and fresh air speed recovery.It is necessary to take vitamin complex for 1-3 months, it is better to choose special facilities for men.Required daily morning and evening wash with soap and water the face lotion.This washing should be a ritual, the same as brushing your teeth.

To soften the hair shaving, if the skin is very sensitive, it is recommended warm compresses of decoction of calendula.To prepare the broth into an enamel bowl pour 0.5 liters of water and put on fire.When boiling water Pour 2-3 tablespoons of crushed marigold flowers and simmer for 15 minutes.Remove from heat and leave to infuse for half an hour, then strain.Moisten in a warm broth gauze or a cloth and apply on face for 10 minutes, then proceed to shaving.You can store the broth in the refrigerator for 3 days before use to warm up.After shaving, be sure to irrigate face lotion "After Shave".

Sometimes the cause of acne may be a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, and constipation.It is necessary to follow the work of the intestine, to eat more vegetables and fruits, fiber.

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