One molecule can protect against bone loss in arthritis

One molecule can protect against bone loss in arthritis
small size protein called GILZ, according to research data released recently, may prevent possible bone loss in arthritis.

Previously, researchers have demonstrated that GILZ can return to the normal balance in the body: in arthritis or age metabolism occurs with a large formation of fat than bone and GILZ able to shift the process to the "young" and healthy shape,as well as reduce inflammation.

Now there is new evidence and the possibility of replacing synthetic glucocorticoids - the basic means of treatment of arthritis, among other things provoking bone loss - exactly a promising protein GILZ.

This possibility exists thanks to the fact that the basis of the mechanism of action of glucocorticoids in arthritis is including GILZ stimulation - direct the increase in its level will allow, perhaps, to avoid serious side effects.

In the new study, the results of which were presented at the conference, The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research 2014 Annual Meeting, has been studied in particular

the role of influence GILZ one of the key components in the development of arthritis and inflammation in general - necrosis-alpha tumor factor (TNF).

For this crossed two species of genetically modified mice.One production of TNF and, consequently, had a high risk of developing arthritis was improved.The second programmed GILZ increased production in mezehimalnyh stem cells - those of which in certain circumstances can be formed as the adipose tissue cells and bone.

In the group that was characterized by an increased content of only TNF body, quickly developed arthritis with characteristic bone loss and weight in general.The mice obtained by crossing, reduction of bone tissue was much less pronounced.Obviously affected GILZ ability to direct the development of stem cells towards the formation of bone tissue instead of fat.

According to one of the study participants, Dr. Nianlan Young, the next steps will be an attempt to create a medicine for oral administration, as well as defining the role GILZ in inflammation in arthritis.

Source: site Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University

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