Dry skin : causes and solutions 7

Dry skin : causes and solutions 7
Autumn - cold winds, rain and snow, overdried indoor air ... All this can not but affect the skin condition, which dramatically loses moisture, begins to peel off and lose elasticity healthy appearance, which we were so happy summer.

However, the fall season is not the only cause of the deterioration of the skin condition.In many ways we unknowingly caused her harm by their actions, and suffer not only the face but also the body.So, what are the main causes of increased dryness of the skin and how we can help her ...

1. Weather factors

Autumn and winter, especially in the harsh Russian climate - a difficult test for the skin.

with decreasing ambient temperature decreases and the level of humidity.Dry air also dries up and the skin, taking it from moisture - the skin is tightened, it begins to peel and itch.

Central heating or a heater in the premises does not correct the situation.Rather, they are more air dried - and also your skin.

Solution: control the humidity in the room.

Purchase a humidifier and keep the humidity in the room at the level of 45-55% at a temperature of 20-22 °.

Before going out in the cold season to protect the skin, creating a barrier to moisture loss.For example, use special protective creams and lip balms.

2. Hot showers

What could be better than a hot shower in the cold weather?It warms and soothes the pain in the muscles and bones, but not very good for your skin.

Hot water robs skin fat components it needs.And the longer you stand under a hot shower, the more you sears your skin.

Solution: Take a cool shower, and do it quickly

not spend in the shower longer than 5 minutes.

3. Sears skin soap

Not all soaps are the same.Pay attention to the soap that you use.Using coarse soap, you reduce the moisture of the skin.

Solution: choose a mild soap that will not only clean, but also moisturize.In the cold season is preferable to choose soaps that are designed specifically for dry skin.

4. Barbed cleansers

think that for good cleansing skin needs to scrape?It's not like that at all.Rough sponges damage the skin, increasing its dryness.

Solution: Choose a soft sponge or your hands.You just clean the skin, but do not damage it.

5. Wiping after a shower

Shower nourishes the skin with moisture, and the skin absorbs some of this water.However, wiping dry after a shower, you deprive it of moisture.

Solution: use towels necessary, but better to leave skin slightly damp, then put on her special moisturizing cream or lotion.Means must contain components such as ceramides (for sensitive skin), urea, lactic acid, dimethicone ilm Vaseline (for very dry skin).These substances are "locked up" the moisture inside, creating an effective protective barrier.

to face requires different moisturizers - they must be nekomedogennymi, that is, will not clog pores, and contain protective factors SPF (in spite of the cold season).

6. Stimuli

you itchy sweater from your favorite?Perhaps the reason is the fabric or laundry detergent or softener dryer, you are using.The skin can irritate many substances - from deodorants to the dyes.

Solution: Look for products designed for sensitive skin.

Pay attention to the CE mark: as a rule, they are designated by the word free.Such products typically are not fragrances, dyes and other synthetic materials that can irritate skin.Choose clothes made of delicate, soft natural fabrics - cotton and silk, not polyester and wool.

7. Health

redness and peeling of the skin, which will not save the usual means, and may be a sign of various diseases, such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis, diabetes or hypothyroidism.

Solution: contact your dermatologist to determine the cause.

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