Smoking is more harmful for women than for men

cigarette smoke causes the body to a woman irreparable harm.

At the beginning of the XX century cigarette in female hands was considered an indicator of a low social status.Everything has changed in the 60's, when cigarette companies began to conduct a broad advertising policy for the dissemination of smoking among women.

The ad showed a beautiful and successful women holding a cigarette in his hand.Many of the fairer sex started smoking to be like the idealized image.Few of them thought about the harm that they cause not only their own health but also the health of their future children.

The health hazards of smoking women

Currently scientifically proven that smoking causes much greater harm to women's health than men's.After the smoked cigarette occurs spasm of blood vessels throughout the body, blood flow volume is reduced by 20-40%.These changes

tested only after 20 minutes.If a woman is used to smoke every 20-30 minutes, her body is in a constant state of stress due to lack of oxygen.The

first to suffer cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary system.

Scientists have shown that the risk of lung cancer in female smokers is much higher.When smoking after menopause sharply increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes as well as the positive influence of female hormones on the condition of the vessels during menopause stops.On the same linked with the development of osteoporosis, which in smokers is significantly more than non-smokers.

If a woman taking hormonal contraceptives, then smoking it absolutely contraindicated.This is due to a significant increase in the risk of thrombosis with a combination of smoking and birth control pills.Even in young women, this combination often leads to heart attack, stroke and thromboembolism.

How smoking affects on visual appeal

Due to the constant spasm of blood vessels are affected, not only the internal organs, but also the skin, hair, nails, teeth.Smoking women typical unhealthy gray complexion.They are much earlier than peers, the first wrinkles appear.Especially quickly formed small wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, which is associated with squinting while exhaling cigarette smoke.

teeth become yellow color, which can be removed only with the help of professional cleaning at the dentist.Voice smokers hoarse, low, which also does not add to the attractiveness of appearance.

Effect of smoking on reproductive function and pregnancy

biggest dangers of smoking has on the woman's ability to conceive and bear a child.

Chronic nicotine poisoning dramatically reduces blood flow in the female genital organs, causing dysfunction of the ovaries, endometrium poor nutrition.All this complicates the implantation of the egg.In addition, the egg itself accumulates all the harmful substances that a woman's body gets from cigarettes.There may be mutations in the genetic apparatus.

If pregnancy is still held, but the woman continues to smoke, it will be difficult to bear a child.Smokers are much more likely to occur, and the threat of miscarriage interrupt a high risk of fetal death.

Being in a constant state of lack of oxygen, the child does not receive all the necessary substances from the expectant mother and poorly developed.Especially affected the development of the nervous system that poor academic performance and unstable mentality manifests itself in the future.Such children are usually born with a lack of body weight.

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