6 for original gifts for March 8

6 for original gifts for March 8
Want to give your loved ones the ladies really useful gifts that they just do not want peredarit?Then our top March useful gifts - especially for you!

If this article wrote a man, it is likely that a selection would consist of the blender with five nozzles, the charger "for all devices in the home", a gift certificate, a box of chocolates and a bottle of perfume.

But our top gifts made beautiful half VitaPortala edition.And who, if not women know what they really would like to get?

So check out the list and take action: to March 8 left very little time!

Proraschivatel seeds ves electric Greenhouse

Photo: bestmall.ru

Such a gift will be enjoyed by all supporters of a healthy diet.

seed germination in the device does not require use of the land.And given the fact that the seeds for irrigation is recommended to use the drinking water, the seeds germinate almost perfectly clean environment, so the sprouts and fresh herbs can immediately bring to the table.

From home arugula, cress and other

salads you can immediately prepare a variety of vegetable dishes, salads, soups, breads, and even squeeze the juice.

Where to buy : http: // zolotoykray.ru / catalog / prorashchivatel_semyan_ves.php

Scales - Withings WS-50 body smartanalizator

Photo: vitaplaneta.ru

This gadget will assess the fitness fan, carefully watching their body.Scales allow you to fix a variety of indicators and monitor their dynamics, calculated the ratio of muscle and body fat mass and body mass index.

scales compatible with mobile application Fitbit.The device is equipped with Position Control technology that warns the user if it relies too heavily on the scales.To optimize fat measurement to choose the correct mode: for example, to practice sports on a regular basis - Athlete mode.

Where to buy: http: // vitaplaneta.ru / vitaproduct / vesy-smart-analizator-tela-withings-ws-50

Massager Hand Gezatone Hand Spa AMG115

Photo: krasota.gramix.ru

great gift option for mothers with problematic joints of hands.It combines the two most popular methods of skin care hands and joints - deep vibratory massage and active infrared warming.The combination of these two techniques improves blood and lymph microcirculation, restores the health of the hands.

gift will be useful for those who are watching the beauty of hand - gloves increase the effectiveness of masks for hands several times.

Where to buy: http: // krasota.gramix.ru / massazher-dlya-ruk-gezatone-hand-spa-amg115.html

Compact Folding Bike Author Ambit

Photo: vipbike.ru

Ckladnoy bicycle Czech production like lover of street forms of fitness.

Its compact size bicycle can be carried on the subway without any problems.Plus, it is equipped with a speed switch that makes it easier to ride uphill and increases agility.

Where to buy : http: // www.authorbike.ru / catalogue / bikes / author_ambit_2013 /

Siphon beverage preparation Home Bar Smart 110

Photo: moskvahome.ru

If you give your favorite kind of instrument, you can enjoy every day homemade soda without chemicals - in this respect, a double benefit.

Home System Home Bar Smart 110 is very easy to use: the bottle should pour plain water, and set it in a siphon.Gently press a button or lever is converted into soda.Add the syrup to taste, stir.The drink is ready!

Where to buy : http: // www.odinshag.ru / product / home_bar_smart_110 /

Massager Ommassage BM-05

Photo: vseblaga.ru

Especially useful is this gift for office employees.Roller Massager for neck and shoulder massage combines Shiatsu method with infra-red warming.This massage relaxes tense muscles of the neck and fatigue.

Plus, it's pretty small, so it can be stored in the drawer of your desktop - in the event of a problem (the gain of chronic pain in the neck or shoulder girdle muscles) it will always be at hand.

Where to buy: http: // dirox.ru / shop / cat8 / show435 /

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