Longhair Pixie - Bob : silent and discreet cat

Longhair Pixie - Bob : silent and discreet cat
Pets overlooking the trot, but gentle and peaceful cat soul bring happiness to any family.All Breed Cat Pixie-bob.

The man does not die the desire to make the most cute pet like a wild ancestors.As a result of one of these experiments, there was long-haired pixie-bob - a creature with the soul of a domestic cat and a wild lynx appearance.I create this new breed of American breeders team led by Carol Ann Brewer in 1985.As a "wild material" used the short-tailed cats that lived in the forests of America and Canada, which pixie-beans and owe their appearance lynx.The name of the breed means "short-tailed elf."

breed description pixie-bob

haired pixie most similar to the Canadian Red trot.They are typical of strong elongated body on muscular legs with large fleshy legs and stump-bob, sometimes having nodules or creases, but flexible and agile.Bob in pixies can reach hock hip, but there must be a minimum length of 2.5 cm.

Coat is softer than that of the short-haired, not fluffy, but silky.The length

of the hairs should not be more than 4 cm. The exception is the muzzle, tail tip and water-repellent black hair along the spine.It is unacceptable presence of a "collar."

Most long-haired individuals of this breed white hairy chins, the skin under the fur which is often black.Whiskers are an interesting transition from black (at the root) to white (at the tip) color.Blue, deep-set eyes of kittens age pixies are green as gooseberries, acquire gold and brown hues.Admitted as eye gold color with a slight greenish tint.

final appearance of the animal is formed not by the year, as most ordinary cats, and three.The most important characteristics of the pixie-beans believe the head and tail.It reversed pear-shaped head with a broad, long snout, protruding brows, broad, slightly convex nose, cheeks and chin developed gives long-haired pixie "wild" look.The color is less important than the type, though considered to be conventional black leopard, spotted, striped or spotted tabby.Pads should be black-brown shade, like the tip of the tail.At the exhibition long-haired pixie-bob can be polydactyl (up seven fingers).


With these wild cats in appearance pleasant to deal with.Coat them in need of care, but otherwise they are not demanding and capricious.

Pixie beans unobtrusive and considerate.They are not couch potatoes and easily respond to an invitation to play and play, behave more like a dog, bringing items to the owner in the teeth.Very smart, responsive to the name.Legend, but in the family recovered a beloved master, followed by house and grieve apart.

For long-haired stranger pixies are a grain of salt, hiding from the guests.Travel is also not for the pixie-beans, because the way they carry very bad.

silent and inclined to publish a "humming" sounds instead of meows.Sporting with other cats, sometimes growling, aggression, but never show.For children pixie beans nourish the warm feelings, happy to take part in their noisy fun games and do not release the claws.Long-haired pixie comfortable feel, while remaining the only cat-favorites of the house when the owner of the account belongs to them entirely alone.

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