Nibelung independent and proud pet

Nibelung independent and proud pet
active and cheerful animal that needs to respect.All Breed Cat Nibelung.

Nibelungs come from the Russian blue cat and different from her longer hair.This is a rather unusual breed.

History of breed Nibelung

Russian blue cats appeared in Europe and America at the beginning of the last century.They were bred in a huge variety of nurseries and is still popular.For a long time for the birth of kittens with long hair, no one paid attention.They do not fit the breed standards, so breeders saw them little good.But in the 1980s, a number of nurseries interested in breeding long-haired version of Russian blue cats.After several years of breeding a new breed submitted to different organizations.In 1986 TICA has developed a standard and made animal in their catalogs.Over the next years, its example was followed by WCF and CFF.The latest organization to recognize the Nibelungs, was the French LOOF.This happened in 2008.

European and American branches of the breed differ in the way of selection.American bree

ders crossed a black cat and a Russian Blue.Europeans crossed longhaired kittens Russian blue.It took several generations, the animal was fit today's standards.Both branches of the recognized cat organizations, makes no distinction between them.

Nibelungs is not a common breed, especially in Russia.


Nibelung has a dense body, quite muscular.Males are larger cats.Limbs of medium length.Hind legs slightly longer than the front.When looking at the Nibelung felt his power and grace.The animal may seem thick, but it is not.A similar effect is created by the long and thick coat.

tail is long, can be bent a little to an end, has almost the same thickness, tapering only slightly towards the tip.The standard does not recognize animals with breaks and tail defects.

head is large, wedge-shaped.Looking at the profile of the Nibelung in his nose seems straightforward, but in fact there is a slight bulge.The forehead is flat, somewhat oblique angle.

eyes are large and round.Standard color is rather strictly regulates animal eyes.It is believed that it should be bright green.At the same time the kittens are born with yellow eyes, and within 3-5 months of color becomes pure green.The lack of saturation may cause disqualification of the animal.

Six medium length, undercoat is quite well developed, and different density.According to the structure of the hair soft and fluffy.The greatest length of the hair reaches the tail.The optimal uniform blue color.Necessarily the presence of tipping, which gives the animal a silver tide in the light.Unacceptable presence of white spots or lockets.The submitted as requirements for the color of the nose - it has to be dark gray.


Nibelungen active, rather assertive and independent in making decisions.

independence does not prevent these animals attached to their owners and love them with all my heart.Nibelungen very loyal and patient.Of all the family, they prefer to allocate one person - the one who refers to him with the greatest affection and respect.

Care breed

to wool Nibelungs shone silvery shades and always had a soft and pleasant to the touch, requires constant care for her.He is a weekly cleaning of the animal using a special composition.It is suitable for children shampoos.It is necessary to limit its presence on the sun.Otherwise, the color is easy to burn.

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