Singapore : World Thumbelina cats

Singapore : World Thumbelina cats
Singapuras - it is the ideal companion, affectionate purring for a tired master and fellow noisy games for his children.

first Singapore, or rather their ancestors were taken to Singapore, where it is considered street cats that live among the gutters.Due to the sweeps of homeless animals are now found on the streets of this state of the cats is not easy.

History of breed Singapura

Its modern look Singapura acquired through the efforts of dozens of breeders, breeders, fell in love with these little cats.Several animals were taken in 1970 from Singapore to the USA, where they became the ancestors of the new breed - the Singapura.TICA and CFF accepted this breed to assign the registration status in 1979, and after a couple of years of hard work of American breeders recognized breed CFA.

In early 1988, was released a single standard for Singapore ascribed to them the only possible color agouti.In the 1990s, Singapore cat finally got the deserved respect and recognition at home.They have become one

of the tourist attractions and even worthy of erecting a monument to the part of the government campaign.


Singapore distinguishes their unusual appearance.As according to the Guinness Book lower of domestic cats, Singapore is endowed with a disproportionately large eyes and a special elegant body.It is elegant, but more strong and muscular, it seems.

Asia addition means slender limbs and a thin tail with a blunt tip.

Feature Singapura - cast gold ivory coat of warm brown.Its color is called sand-speckled or sepia agouti, which implies the presence of hairs on the two darker brown stripes separated by light and dark end of each villus.No ticking on the light inner surface of the extremities, abdomen, chest and muzzle short and wide.

coat is silky, shiny, short and tight.

The eyes are large, hazel, green or gold.Ears too large to have a bowl shape.In Singapore a well-marked, turn over a dark stripe and mirror the nose characteristic dark "Line cheetah" from podusnikov to the inner edge of the eye.


Singapuras - ideal companions.They are gregarious, kind and curious.

There is nothing that would escape the big ears Singapore.Singapore cats turn into a toy any thing, whether keyboard, mouse or an ordinary pencil.They are very clever, and this feature in combination with the curiosity drives them to frequent revision host shelves to find out what and where is.

They instantly feel the mood of the owner, who adore and idolize.Singapuras sociable and never miss an opportunity to get a master's lap, to quietly pomurlykat.Despite the Asian roots, Singapore has a pleasant and quiet voice, and do not belong to the category of too talkative cats.

They usually do not show even a hint of aggression, do not tolerate quarrels and get along with both tailed and four-legged inhabitants of the house, and with annoying children.These cats are not spiteful or vengeful, and if a little bit naughty and something to spoil, it inadvertently, accidentally.True, Singapore can sometimes play pranks, trying to attract the attention of his master's precious.But it is necessary to give them an hour or so - and this is again a charming little and docile creatures who, incidentally, are among the most easily trained and savvy cats.

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