Scottish - Straight : unflappable and friendly pet

Scottish - Straight : unflappable and friendly pet
ideal cats for lovers of calm and funny animals, which are easy to take themselves in the absence of the owner.All Breed Cat Scottish Straight.

History Scottish straights began in Scotland in 1960 and is inextricably linked with the Scottish Fold and British Shorthair.At the beginning of this millennium, none of the existing large feline organizations Scottish straights did not recognize.It was only in 2004 Straight received the recognition of the IAF, WFF and Assolyuks.For Scottish Straight now firmly fixed supporting role in breeding the breed Scottish fold, which allows you to get healthy purebred offspring.

Scottish straights: the description of the breed

Despite the ties of kinship and a certain external similarity with British Shorthair, Scottish Straight breed singled out and have significant differences.

They are lighter, sleeker, has more elongated body.Weigh up to 8 kg, with American style Scottish straights a little easier for European.Round head with a prominent forehead straights is

funny cheeks, especially relief in cats.The large and perfectly round eyes at the same muzzle give them a round extremely cute appearance.Smaller ears open at the base, stand tall and straight.

color wide-open eyes shall be in harmony with the color of which varies from silver, purple, blue and white to shades of mottled marble.The color palette is no limit.In dense plush coat texture Scottish straights can affect climate, the overall health of the cat, the time of year, but the fur should ideally be double, medium length, not a location, but cover the whole body.Tail Scottish straights have to be proportional, moderately long, moving slightly narrowed to round off the end.


At the birth of Scottish kittens not immediately clear who would Straight, and who - a fold, but the character of these kids do not differ significantly.

Scottish-Straight extremely funny and sweet, not only externally.They are sociable, peace-loving and eager to communicate with everybody, people, dogs, cats.The latter are not considered as competitors and contenders for the attention of the owner, for their dogs and cats - playmates to help pass the time until the return of the owner.If the four-legged companion is not - does not matter.Scottish-Straight always find fascinating and useful employment.

As host Scottish straights and after returning home, you will not find the cat longing and requiring attention.Your Scot happily purring and arching back, I will meet you at the threshold, although scattered toys you accurately determine that your pet will not be bored.

Scots serenely calm, even if they are abused.Aggression against their person causing Scottish straights only a surprise, but not negative response.These affectionate cats know how to cheer up one of their eyes funny round eyes, as well as fun games and antics.

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