Scottish - fold : a cat with folded ears

Scottish - fold : a cat with folded ears
These funny cats - wonderful companions for fun children's games in a big family and loyal companions for a single person.All about breed cats Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold or Scottish Fold, got its name because of the funny shaped folded ears, caused Mr.

Scottish Fold Breed Story

first kitten with such a sign has become a white cat Suzy.She was born on a small farm in Scotland in 1961.She became interested breeder William Ross, divorce British cats.In his kennel and the first Scottish Fold.

Breeders move by crossing Fold cats with purebred household and British Shorthair, but the ears in these litters were not soft and hanging.Then attempt to cross two folds, which ended in failure was made: the kittens were born with severe disabilities.GCCF instantly reacted and imposed a ban on the further breeding work with the Fold.

Ā«rehabilitateĀ» Scottish fold managed to American specialists, who found a way to produce healthy offspring lop-eared.They give guidance, used by breeders of Scottish cats to t

his day - to cross folds and straights (individuals with normal ears), avoiding mating of two Scottish fold.


Ears Scottish newborns look alike.Only 20 days are defined folds and Straight from the same litter.Ears folds have varying degrees of bend - from the usual addition of half to a maximum degree bend at which ears fit smoothly into the contour of the head.

There Scottish fold with "persistent" ears that will never rise, and there are holders of sensitive hanging ears, which straightened under the influence of weather, under stress, changes in diet, childbirth, pregnancy.

head has a rounded shape, with a strong chin and muzzle with a short nose and prominent whisker pads.Almost childlike expression muzzle Scottish give chubby cheeks and round eyes.For eye color standard is presented only requirement - matching colors.Most often, the Scots rich amber color of the eyes.Scottish fold rollers have a thick undercoat and "stuffed", dense texture to the touch.Short hair should not be adjacent and in color has almost no restrictions.

Adults Scottish Fold - a cat of medium size, stocky, muscular.They have thick, round legs and thick, but not short, moveable tail.In the US there are long-haired version of Fold cats - Highland fold.


many attractive features can be found in the character of Scottish fold.

These cats are endowed with a stunning intellect and wit.The Scots are not vindictive by nature, are not jealous and not aggressive.Of course, every pet, as well as his host, - a personality.Therefore, you may encounter as an overly active, energetic fold, and with calm and composure.

One thing is for sure - will not fold to avenge the host, destroying his favorite book, or making a mark on his shoes.He knows how to forgive and is the courtesy, as soon as you wish it to pet or take on your hands.

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