Snowshoe : soul of the company

Snowshoe : soul of the company
This elegant beauty in white boots and bring harmony to complement any home is.All Breed Cat Snowshoe.

Snowshoe - a new breed, which has become the embodiment of the idea of ​​breeders combine typical Siamese coloring and elegant "socks" semi-longhair cats Burmese.It appeared in the United States for more than forty years ago as a result of interbreeding the American Shorthair and Siamese.TICA registered breed in the 1980s and in the 1990s it recognized European felinologists and enriched the palette of color of tabby by crossing the European shorthair.However, in the US tabby Snowshoe remain outside the standard.The breed is popular and widespread mostly at home, in the United States.

Snowshoe: description

Snowshoe - a successful combination of elegance and slender Siamese massiveness and strength of the American Shorthair.The result is an elegant and harmonious animal with proportional forms and balanced character.

In view of Snowshoe - strong, muscular and rather graceful cat.Weight cats - 4,

5 5,5 kg, cats - less, but they are still heavier and more powerful Siamese relatives.The head is not very large, in the form of a triangle with rounded contours, muzzle flat forehead, straight nose, firm chin and high cheekbones.

These cats oval blue eyes, that little oblique, larger than the Siamese, reminiscent of a walnut.Rather big ears wide apart.

coat is short, dense, shiny and well-fitting.Colors are based on the colors of Siamese cats (chocolate-point, blue point, lilac-point, seal point), only their muzzles present mark in the form of a triangle, a thrilling nose and nose, and feet - white "shoes" the correct form.Snowshoe Kittens have a lighter color than the adult animals.

Features content

Snowshoe is considered quite difficult in cultivation, but easy-to-breed content.Due to the recessive gene responsible for the correct color, about half of the kittens from the same litter may not meet the accepted standard.In thoroughbred Snowshoe can be offspring without white markings or predominant white color, which is considered a disadvantage.

Regular combing and periodic bathing - everything you need to take care of this cat.The problem with swimming eases herself Snowshoe, absolutely not afraid of water.


Snowshoes can be called the soul of the company.They are always there, where the people, but solitude suffer very badly.

They are friendly, energetic and quick-witted.Snowshoes are not stupid Siamese cats, but it is much more restrained and delicate.They are not as vociferous and talkative, the tone of their voice is softer and more pleasant.They are unobtrusive and more tolerant.

Snowshoe peaceful and able to forgive the small tricks of children, to which these cats are very warm.Character balanced and dobrozhelatelenny.

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