What diseases die in Russia

What diseases often die in Russia
stroke and cancer is still in the lead in the list of causes which are carrying away lives of Russians.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, every minute dies 5 people in Russia.In 2011, the death rate exceeded the birth rate by an average of 1.7 times, and in some regions - in 2-3 times.Rosstat published data on which to judge whether any of the reasons most people die in our country.

Diseases of the circulatory system

The most common cause of death are diseases of the circulatory system.They account for more than half of all deaths.The most common stroke and other disorders of the brain vessels, and coronary heart disease.However, this year marks a slight decrease in the number of deaths for this reason: in 2011, six months died about 554 thousand people this year in the same period - about 539 thousand


second place malignant tumors - they..They are the cause of approximately 15% of deaths.The most common cancer of the respiratory system organs, colon and rectum, breas

t and stomach.As increased (143,7 thousand people for six months in 2012, 142.9. - In 2011) compared to last year, the death rate from cancer.

Diseases of the digestive and respiratory

Digestive diseases cause approximately 4.2% of all deaths.A little less - about 3.8% of deaths - accounted for respiratory diseases.

Suicides and murders

About 2% of all deaths in the country account for suicides.Murders are responsible for 1.2% of all deaths.


injuries sustained in a car accident, also make their contribution to the sad total number of deaths in Russia: nearly 1.9% of deaths.

Infectious and parasitic diseases

These diseases carry a year on average, one out of four thousand people.Their contribution to the total number of deaths in Russia is approximately 1.6%.

alcohol poisoning

Approximately 1.2% of deaths accounted for the poisoning of poor quality alcohol or use of a lethal dose of ethanol.In other words, the spirits kill people in our country as often as they are criminals.

Help yourself

Topping the list keep the disease, the risk of which can be reduced, leading a healthy lifestyle.Today, the Russians have plenty of opportunities to extend the life thanks to the responsible approach to their health.

You can start with the search of useful information on sites containing useful tips on prevention and healthy lifestyles.Also, do not forget to periodically undergo a medical examination.

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