What is psoriatic arthritis

Facts about one of the most common types of joint damage.

exact number of people suffering from psoriatic arthritis is not known.According to some data, its prevalence is 5-10%, on the other - almost 50% ...

How many people suffer from psoriatic arthritis, no one has yet calculated.According to some data, its prevalence is 5-10%, on the other - almost 50%.

If you imagine what psoriasis is and what arthritis, then folded them (if I may say so ... but for clarity - you can) get a general idea of ​​psoriatic arthropathy, or psoriatic arthritis.One of the most likely causes of both diseases is considered to be autoimmunity (immune system mistakenly recognizes and attacks healthy cells and tissues - a kind of allergy to the body itself).Wrong immune response causes joint inflammation and excessive production of skin cells, which occurs in arthritis and psoriasis, respectively.

psoriatic arthritis - a chronic, progressive disease of the joints, occurring against the backdrop of psoriasis.As with psoriasi

s and arthritis in separate, psoriatic arthritis is a systemic disease, the causes of which are not known for certain.In some patients with psoriasis precedes the development of arthritis from other arthritis and psoriasis develop simultaneously.Which of these two terms, psoriasis or arthritis, is a consequence of, and what - the reason, it is not known ... This fact greatly complicates the treatment, prognosis and prevention of disease.


defeat of the metacarpophalangeal joints of the hands - one of the most visible external manifestations of the disease, while he joint the touch - hot, looks sore and swollen fingers and aching.Pain, stiffness and swelling is observed in the knee, ankle joints, lumbosacral spine, sometimes inflamed Achilles tendon and the area around the heel.For psoriatic arthritis is characterized by the same undulating course, with remission and exacerbation of pain, as well as psoriasis or arthritis.Unpredictability - a kind of "calling card" of this disease.

Peculiar arthritis inflammation can affect other organs - lungs (pneumonia), the heart (carditis and pericarditis), eyes (conjunctivitis, uveitis).

5 features of joint damage

arthritis development against the backdrop of psoriasis in one and the same person can occur in different ways, taking into account the long-term (or rather, a lifetime) history.According to the degree of occurrence are five primary "scenarios" of the disease, which can occur in a given period.

1. Asymmetric psoriatic arthritis, ie the joints are affected on one side of the body or different joints on each side of the body, including the hips, knees, ankles and wrists.This is - a mild manifestation of the disease, involving at least five joints.



Symmetric psoriatic arthritis


struck five or more contralateral joints.

3. Pain in the small joints of the hands with nail lesions.

4. Spondylitis (back pain), which can cause inflammation of the spine, stiffness and inflammation of the cervical, lumbar, and the joints between the spine and pelvis, in places of attachment of ligaments to the spine.

5. Mutiliruyuschy (destructive) arthritis, which destroys the small bones of the hands, especially the fingers, leading to permanent deformation and disruption of operation.

Risk Factors

predisposition to the disease is most pronounced in people with close relatives who are sick with psoriasis - like many systemic autoimmune diseases, hereditary factor is the most important.

Age and Gender in the occurrence of the disease play no special role: psoriatic arthritis occurs with the same frequency in men as in women in their most productive (and reproductive - for men) aged 20-50 years.

What tests show?

Confirm the diagnosis of "psoriatic arthritis" only by excluding other diseases with similar symptoms, such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.For example, the changes characteristic of psoriatic arthritis and do not occur in other diseases, detects X-rays.

If the analysis of synovial zhidkostiiz large joints, most often - a knee, show the presence of uric acid, it is likely that you have gout, psoriatic arthritis instead.

presence of inflammation, characteristic of psoriatic arthritis can prove a blood test for erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).This figure has not yet been confirmed psoriatic arthritis itself, but only speaks of inflammation, so more research.

detection of rheumatoid factor (a special blood protein - antibody, which is produced against its own proteins circulating in the blood - antibodies, perceiving them as alien structure) in the presence of appropriate clinical picture confirms the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, it is not found in psoriatic arthritis.

it possible to achieve improvements?

fully heal psoriatic arthritis is not yet possible, but the essence of drug therapy is reduced mainly to relieve symptoms and prevent joint damage.Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids and immunosuppressants (medicines which suppress the immune system) are able to reduce the symptoms of the disease - to suppress inflammation, reduce pain and joint stiffness, relieve acute pain in the joints.Drugs can apply only for the purpose and under the supervision of the attending physician, since all of these drugs have potentially serious side effects.

Significant progress in improving the state can achieve the most by changing lifestyle.The first step is to monitor its own weight, to avoid additional load on joints and hence, reduce pain and increase mobility.What you choose - a diet, fasting or calorie counting easy - take your pick.Choosing the right load and mode of employment by physical culture and sports (gently), multiplied by the regularity, allow yourself to feel the same as before the occupation, or the best, but certainly not worse.The main thing is that such events do not require a prescription, and undesirable side effects are absent.

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