Rheumatism : all my fault streptococcus

Rheumatism : all my fault streptococcus
Rheumatism affects the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and joints, and suffer them not only decrepit old men.

Many word "rheumatism" wrongly associated with flabby old man (old woman), bent and gnarled, moaning in pain every time you try to straighten her back or take a step.In fact it is not so ...

Rheumatism: what it is

Rheumatism - a chronic systemic inflammatory disease of connective tissue.Typically, systemic diseases affects many internal organs, because the connective tissue in our body is present everywhere.In rheumatoid arthritis in the first place it falls under attack cardiovascular system and joints over time - the liver, kidneys, lungs.

rheumatism usually occurs in childhood and adolescence (7-15 years), more often - in the cold season.In the development of the disease is a decisive factor in a previous infection (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, scarlet fever, etc.), Due to streptococcus, and the subsequent violation of immunity to the bacteria.Special susceptibility of the organism in the fo

rm of excessive response to this infection due to the fact that only 1-3% recover from angina occurs rheumatism.

But not every streptococcal infection causes rheumatism - just sharp.Protivostreptokokkovye antibodies produced in immune response to infection, structurally similar avtoantigenam cardiac tissue, which allows them to interact.As a result of the inflammation in the cardiovascular system and connective tissue, autoimmune response begins with damage to connective fibers of the heart and blood vessels - rheumatic heart disease.In the world related to rheumatic nearly 2% of all deaths from cardiovascular diseases, while coronary heart disease - 42%.

not treat a sore throat?

Sometimes in some patients after streptococcal sore throat (scarlet fever, pharyngitis) after one and a half to two weeks the temperature rises again, swell and start to hurt the large joints, and then - more than minor.It lasts one to two weeks, and then comes the apparent recovery.It is apparent, because at the same time going unnoticed valvular heart disease.The defeat of the joints pass without a trace, but the heart can remain patient forever.

Timely prolonged antibiotic treatment of streptococcal sore throat can stop the development of rheumatic fever, rheumatic heart disease contributing to strengthening and further development of the disease in people whose heart valves are already damaged by rheumatic fever.

... will heal the heart!

Acute or subacute rheumatic heart disease allows us to identify the disease in a timely manner and to start therapy, which usually ends in complete recovery.In protracted and latent course difficult to diagnose rheumatic heart disease, resulting in irreversible changes can occur in the heart.

In primary rheumatic heart disease arises inflammation in the connective tissue of the heart, tissue begins to proliferate with the formation of rheumatic nodules, which further scarring.As a result of developing heart disease and cardio in which overgrown heart muscle connective tissue replaces muscle function.

addition, rheumatic heart disease leads to the formation of valvular heart disease - most often affects the mitral valve with the development of its failure (incomplete closing of the valves) or stenosis (narrowing) of the left atrioventricular opening.

Typically, rheumatic heart disease takes a long time, combined with atrial fibrillation and signs of blood stasis, indicating heart failure.Repeated attacks of rheumatic fever develops recurrent rheumatic heart disease, which is characterized by the same features as the primary rheumatic heart disease, but the pathological process takes place against the background of a heart defect formed, and this affects the patient's condition.

And that's exactly rheumatic heart disease?

first thing that gives rheumatic heart disease has developed, it is a pain in the heart, palpitations, irregular, weakness, shortness of breath with little exertion - as manifested myocardial damage.Further examination reveals the expansion of borders of the heart (due to overgrown connective tissue), muted his tone, appearance of heart murmurs, blood changes and an electrocardiogram and others.

depending on the severity When revmokradite (or neglect) of the disease affects all or one of the shellsheart.Therefore diagnostic or determine the myocardium (heart muscle when struck), and endocarditis (damaged if the inner membrane of the heart), or the pericardium (outer Sheath).In general, an accurate cardiac diagnosis of rheumatic heart disease is not so difficult.

Rheumatic heart disease affects the pumping function of the heart - the blood stagnates in the small or large circulation.Stagnation in the systemic circulation explains the swelling of the legs, abdomen, liver, increase in size as a result of stagnation, as well as pain due to distension of its capsule.When blood stagnation in the small circle of blood circulation there are signs of deterioration of the lungs, which resemble pneumonia.

And as all serious?

Rheumatic heart disease results in either diffuse (ie, common, common to the entire body) or to the focal (ie local, fragmented) lesions.In the first case, heart failure appears more pronounced in the second - less.

Prevention and Treatment

from rheumatic heart disease can be prevented and to prevent its development.If you have a suspicion of streptococcal sore throat your child or family member, immediately consult a doctor.Treating strep sore throat with antibiotics usually prevents the development of acute rheumatic fever.It also prevents the spread of infection to others - at home, at school, at work.

When razvivshemsya rheumatic heart disease treatment is largely confined to the elimination of inflammatory lesions and heart failure.At the time of acute shown strict bed rest.Surgery may be recommended to repair damaged heart valves, after which there is an increased risk of blood clots in the heart.To prevent this effect, as well as to eliminate atrial fibrillation, which is frequently observed in patients with rheumatic heart disease, received anticoagulant agents for blood thinners.

After the treatment and for the prevention of rheumatic heart disease relies resort and spa treatment, aimed at improving the life of the organism and restore vitality.

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