The most popular myths about the flu

The most popular myths about the flu
about this widespread disease and vaccination against it, there are many different opinions and beliefs.But they are not necessarily facts.There are a few common myths about the flu.

Myths about the flu around us.Misconception about the disease is common, even among doctors themselves.It's time to dot the "i".

flu unpleasant, but not dangerous disease

Against the background of such a deadly infection with a large number of deaths, as swine flu, seasonal flu seems to be something minor.But this is not the case.Feeling sick disgusting: fever, cough, aches and pain throughout the body.

have the flu can be serious consequences.According to statistics from the virus dies 36 thousand. People a year, and it is comparable with mortality from breast cancer among women, and more than twice the number of deaths from AIDS.

Swine flu is transmitted through pork

Very many misleading name for this disease.As a precaution, people refuse from eating pork.

Unfortunately, it is not effective, since swine

flu is not transmitted through meat products.

vaccine against influenza can cause infection

This myth is able to withdraw from the peace of mind of any doctor.The fact that the composition comprises killed virus vaccines, are simply not able to become a cause of infection.

However, this misconception is very difficult to eradicate.Doctors attribute this to the fact that vaccinated people confuse influenza with the side effects of vaccination.The second reason for resistance of this myth is the frequent infection of others that have nothing to do with influenza infections.

there is no cure flu

for the treatment of influenza developed highly efficient antiviral therapy.In addition, carry out the activation of the immune system by stimulating the body's own defense mechanisms.Although quickly cure the flu is quite difficult, the correct therapy helps prevent complications and shorten the time of illness for a few days.

Antibiotics can cure flu

Antibiotics are prescribed only in the presence of a bacterial infection.Influenza - virus disease, these drugs are therefore in this case completely ineffective.Very often, doctors are faced with the fact that patients require antibiotics or taking them without consulting your doctor.

If doctors prescribe antibiotics for the flu, they do so because one of the most serious complications of influenza - the development of secondary bacterial infection (which happens quite often, as a viral disease weakens the immune system and the body can not resist bacteria), which,in turn, may lead to the development of otitis media, bronchitis, sinusitis or pneumonia.

If the last time for the treatment of complications doctor has prescribed antibiotics, it is not a reason to take them to the next time prevention.Frequent use of antibiotics can develop a resistance to them.

Flu is dangerous only for older

Most people believe that influenza poorly tolerated (or even die) only elderly people over the age of 65 years.But influenza threatens severe complications in patients of any age.The most susceptible to infection with small children.Especially there is a large percentage of hospitalization among children under the age of two years.

Intestinal flu - a type of normal influenza

name "influenza" is used in the notation of many diseases.Indeed, there is a virus that infects the gastrointestinal tract.He called intestinal flu, but has no relation to the acute respiratory viral infections.If you suffer from nausea and diarrhea, but it is not worried about the heat, then most likely, you do not have the flu.

can not get the flu twice

Argued that, ill and recovered from the flu once, you will not become infected again, so there is no need to be vaccinated.This opinion is wrong, because the flu virus mutates every year, and each new strain can cause infection despite appeared immune to the previous type.Do not neglect vaccination, even if you are already ill with the flu.After all, if you have developed immunity to one strain, it does not protect you from the other, which can lurk nearby.

young and healthy, you can skip the vaccination

young age and good health can guarantee you a rapid recovery and no complications, but not complete protection against infection.Moreover, the purpose of vaccination is not only self-defense.Do not forget about the health of their loved ones who may be so protected and not have.If you live with a small child or an elderly person, you can protect them from infection and severe consequences of being vaccinated themselves.The same rules apply at the global level: the more people immunized against flu, the less likely to develop the epidemic.

can be vaccinated every year

Statistics show that not all immunizations each year, assuming that the flu vaccine is valid for several years.This is not true.Each year a new strain of flu spreads, different from last year.Therefore the vaccine each year different from each other.

Vaccination dangerous

Many believe that there is a link between vaccines and the development of some diseases in children.For example autism.But no evidence of this exists.

Influenza can get sick on

cold Even if you do all winter will be walking without a hat, it does not increase the risk of flu.If the cause of the common cold is hypothermia, which increases the likelihood of the autumn-winter period, the incidence of influenza peaks depend on the cycle of the virus.The low incidence of colds and regular flu epidemic in the warm regions of the country are proving it.

In nastoschee time Influenza vaccination is the best prevention of this serious disease.And it is better not to neglect.

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