Insomnia : how to fix the " internal clock " of the body

Daily rhythms determine the normal change of sleep and wakefulness.Their disruption can lead to insomnia and a number of unpleasant symptoms.

Circadian rhythms - it's cyclical fluctuations within the body defining a 24-hour cycle of all biological processes in humans and animals.The level of brain activity, the amount of hormones, the rate of cell regeneration, etc.They vary in intensity throughout the day, changing cyclically every 24 hours.

«internal clock" of the body

Center regulation of circadian rhythms is located in the subcortical nuclei of the brain.Many situations can affect him, knocking off work "internal clock": shift work, taking certain medications, change of time zone or even pregnancy.Many travelers are familiar syndrome quickly change the time zone (jet lag).It appears excessive sleepiness and decreased attention.Similar symptoms occur in people who often change day and night shifts.

In severe violations of daily sleep phase can occur very late.Such patients can not fall aslee

p for a long time, even if the lay time.Wake up every morning with flour becomes, the more that the waking phase also shifted a few hours ahead.

There are people circadian rhythms that exceed 24 hours.Because sometimes they go to sleep early and wake up early, and sometimes go to bed and wake up very late.Furthermore, during the night they often suffer from insomnia.

How to fix a "watch»

For the treatment of circadian rhythm disorders especially need to study them carefully.The ultimate goal of therapy is to introduce a standard sleep-wake schedule suitable for the style of life of the patient.

Per person affected by bright light, which leads to a restart of circadian rhythms.Also designed chronotherapy, the meaning of which is to change the rhythm of life of the patient.This causes a shift to the desired sleep time hours.

Full cure - a long and difficult process, it is possible only in case of compliance with the doctor's recommendations carefully and use all modern techniques.

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