About lice

What kind of travel can bring a child from a children's camp.

Many parents in the summer tend to send the child to a children's camp.Unfortunately, often the child does not return alone, but with lice.

method of infection

Moscow lice is more common than in the whole country, with the peak incidence in early autumn when the children return from their summer camps.

Human lice - parasites that live only on humans.Accordingly, the transmission occurs from person to person contact method.Head lice, which mainly infected children - are insects grayish-white size 2-4 mm.Most often lice are spread in large groups of children - kindergartens, schools, summer camps.Children often change combs, panama, pillows, sleeping on beds of each other - all this contributes to the spread of the parasite.You can become infected even through the headphones from the player!In addition, lice can be picked up at the hairdresser, a hotel, a train, a hospital, in the bath or pool.

louse and nit

disease can manifest its

elf even in a few weeks after the infection, which means that the child does not necessarily get sick immediately after his return from the camp, although contracted there.Suspected lice is simple: you will notice that the child is constantly scratching his head.Combed his hair over the bright cloth, you will see the fallen from the parasites of the head.On the head you will notice bite marks (since lice - blood-sucking insects), combed the wound, while the hair itself - lice and their whitish eggs (nits).The nits stick to the hair is very hard, and wash them with water is not possible.

Treating lice

First, you need to change all my clothes, underwear and bed linen, and all thoroughly boil.The laundry also sent stuffed toys, hats, waistcoats, hoods.Anything that can not be washed, treated with insecticidal preparations.The house-cleaning is carried out.

himself infected should be handled in compliance with all its own safety measures: wearing gloves, hair tucked under a cap.The ideal method of treatment, more suitable for young boys - complete shaving head.This cropped hair burned.If this is not possible, treat the hair Antipediculosis means according to the instructions.After treatment, you need to comb your hair fine-toothed comb over the bright cloth vychesyvaya dead lice and nits.In identifying lice needs examination and treatment of persons exposed to the patient (family, school, kindergarten).

About lice necessarily reported in the child care center, the child is attending.All contact persons examined, and in the group carried out further treatment insecticide.

Prevention Personal prevention involves regular change of linen and clothes, frequent washing of the head and body.However, it observed that even lice with great pleasure that parasitize on clean hair.Therefore, lice prevention should be public, that is, include the early identification and treatment of infected.For this purpose kindergartens and schools, regular check-ups of children.Also, children need to explain that you can not use other people's combs, hairpins change, headphones.For parents, sending children to summer camp, the council is as follows: Check the hair and skin of the child's head every few days, so that in case of infection to identify the disease at an early stage.

lice eternal

Pediculosis - a fairly typical situation for a group of children, even in the XXI century, and to be afraid or ashamed it is not necessary.But we must explain to the child what the rules of hygiene must be observed to prevent the disease in the future.

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