Epilepsy : a disease of great

In ancient Greece, epilepsy associated with magic and called the sacred disease.Gaius Julius Caesar suffered from epileptic seizures.He did not put on a cross, despite the fact that the treatment did not exist in his time.

Today, epilepsy affects about 1% of the inhabitants of the Earth - 68 million people.

How it looks

The most frequent manifestation of epilepsy - seizures.A person suddenly becomes ill, he falls to the ground and beating in convulsions.Sometimes this is accompanied by the release of the foam from his mouth, swallowed tongue.The attack may happen during both day and night, during sleep.

Why is this happening

Doctors disease associated with increased activity of nerve cells in the brain that leads to neuronal discharges "shorting" multiple neurons such as an explosion or flash.In medical terms it is called "increased neuronal activity with high voltage discharges gipersinhronnymi".That area of ​​the brain where the discharge occurred is called the epileptic focus.This focus a

nd begins to attack.

reasons for discharge may be:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • brain tumor;
  • encephalitis (inflammation of the brain);
  • circulatory disorders;
  • head injury.

But the reason is not clear at all times.

should also distinguish between epilepsy and epileptic reaction (epileptic syndrome), when the brain reacts seizures at some specific reason (for example, for alcohol or chemical intoxication).

What are epileptic seizures If

of neuron discharge begins in the cerebral cortex, but not in the deeper structures, the patient may turn off consciousness, which is not always accompanied by convulsions.A person may freeze for a few seconds absently, and then not remember what happened to him.

In the event of a discharge in the motor cortex of the brain appear cramps.

Seizures can be mixed when the patient first falls into a stupor, and only then he had seizures occur.

First aid epileptic

In the case of seizure should put a patient under his head something soft (crumpled clothes) to avoid injuries of the skull.Do not miss him by the arms or legs and inhibit seizures.It is better not to try to unclench his teeth, so it is possible for just injure themselves and teeth, and soft tissues of the mouth.Seizure usually lasts 2-4 minutes.


patients received anticonvulsants, which are the basis of anticonvulsant therapy to stimulate brain production of substances that inhibit seizure activity.

Doctors can conduct research to identify the focus of epileptic activity in the brain.If they succeed, it offers the patient an operation to destroy the hearth using special equipment.After such an operation may stop seizures.

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