Skin fungus : the dangerous pools and baths

Skin fungus : the dangerous pools and baths
more than 80 thousand. Of the existing species of fungi in nature are capable of about 500 species of parasite on the human body.With them they bring a whole bunch of skin diseases: microsporia, mycosis, scab, candidiasis.One of the most common is tinea pedis.

fungi-dermatophytes, yeast and mold, first settled between the toes, then get to the nail plate, causing onychomycosis (nail fungus).

Most often pick up the fungus can be in the bath, swimming pool and other public places in which we are forced to walk barefoot.

main risk factor for skin fungus

  • old age
  • weakened immunity
  • circulatory disorders of the limbs
  • injury nail
  • hormonal diseases

manifestations of cutaneous fungal foot

At the beginning of the disease there are severe itching, flaking and redness betweentoes.Soon there are formed bubbles with the liquid.Bursting, they are transformed into small sores.Then swell, turn yellow, turbid on the edges and begin to exfoliate nails.

next stage is already affecting the nail bed: nail

bead inflamed nagrubaet and the nail plate begins to puff up, to move away from his seat.In 80% of cases this step has affected nail and bacterial infections causing purulent painful inflammation.

Therapy skin fungus foot

Patients steamed nails in warm water, growths are cut, then apply an antifungal cream.Next, it is necessary to wait until the entire nail will not leave (it takes about six months), or healing will not take place.

In more severe lesions antifungal medications are also prescribed inside (with the obligatory account of all contraindications).Sometimes, the doctor offers to remove the affected nail under local anesthesia.New nail then you need to constantly brabatyvat topical preparations.


treatment during the course of treatment required processing shoes, towels, socks, bed linen.After the treatment you must periodically be tested for the presence of the fungus, as the first attempt to eradicate it is not always possible.

Prevention of skin fungus

Doctors do not advise to wear synthetic socks and shoes nonbreathers materials.In no case do not wear someone else's shoes.One should not walk barefoot in the sauna, public showers, a solarium and even on the beach (if the patient mycosis human skin flakes hit the sand, the fungus will live in them for a long time, being able to addicted to a new owner).

As a precaution you should use anti-fungal creams.

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