How to treat liver disease

Often people turn to the pharmacy from the doctor, knowing the exact diagnosis, but someone without even knowing that they are already sick liver.What there are states in which the liver is suffering and in need of help?Kak to treat liver disease?

Often people turn to the pharmacy from the doctor, knowing the exact diagnosis, but someone without even knowing that they are already sick liver.What there are states in which the liver is suffering and in need of help?Kak to treat liver disease?hepatitis and gepatozy:

two main groups of liver lesions most common.Hepatitis is characterized by inflammation of the liver tissue and liver tissue degeneration gepatozy.Hepatitis are infectious, iecaused by viruses or parasites and noninfectious, which are the cause of the toxins to the liver coming from food, and other poisons entering from outside or produced in the liver in the cleavage of various substances.

steatosis usually develop during long-term effects of alcohol or certain drugs, inappropriate diet wi

th a sharp loss of weight (in this case it is overloaded decay products), type 2 diabetes or obesity, ie,in violation of lipid metabolism.Less known are the fatty liver (the reason speaks for itself) and alcoholic liver disease leading to cirrhosis or liver cancer.

What are the early signs of liver disease requiring our attention?

how to treat liver disease (hommed. Ru)

If your usual rhythm of life disturbed inexplicable intolerance to certain foods, alcohol, "strange" phenomena in the toilet, but in recent years bore down fatigue and insomnia, it is time to take care of the liver.The most advanced of us, having weighed all the risk factors that go into the hospital to be diagnosed liver disease: ultrasound, blood tests and urine tests.Others will go to the pharmacy to pick a specialist with protecting and regenerating the liver means.The rest (at least advanced) armed with directories, media and find a solution themselves.Any of these methods are acceptable, the choice is yours, if only it led to the desired result.

To reduce the damage to the liver and help it restore its functions, it is widely used as a new class of drugs - gepatoprotektory.Here are the main representatives of this class are: essential phospholipids (Essentiale forte, Essliver, Rezalyut Pro), milk thistle preparations spotty (CARS Legalon, Silimar), artichoke preparations (hofitol) and other plants (Liv-52), preparations of phosphatidylcholine (Phosphogliv) ursodegidroholevayaacid (Ursosan, Ursofalk), thioctic acid (Thioctacid), methionine and ademetionine (Geptral), ornithine (Hepa-Merz), organic animal origin (Syrepar, Hepatosan), lecithin and many herbal remedies and dietary supplements with less pronounced reparative (reducing)effect on the liver.The most widely used drugs for liver diseases are the first three groups of these hepatic, others are used on prescription.Essential phospholipids, and milk thistle preparations will enable the liver to restore dilapidated and lost cells, they are safe and effective for the treatment of liver disease, as well as for the prevention of liver damage, such as taking drugs or alcohol.

is believed that dietary supplements - are safer than drugs, but none of dietary supplements does not pass the study of efficacy and safety to the extent that is required for drug registration.Many of them are based on combinations of several components, includingherbs, precise mechanisms of action and effectiveness is not always known, and especially in combination with each other.Of course, there are many plant collections, whose effectiveness has been tested for centuries and confirmed by modern science in medicine.They have also been used successfully.

In addition, traditional medicine offers therapeutic nutrition in liver disease, to which there is little to add.Power is recommended fractional, ie,in small portions, five times a day.The diet №5 main emphasis is on light proteins (cheese, boiled lean meat and fish), moderate carbohydrates (fruit juice) and light oils in small quantities (vegetable oil).Moreover, in clinical nutrition completely excluded meat and fish broth as an aphrodisiac, acting on the liver and the pancreas like Releasing ride a horse whip.

Food is better to cook in liquid, puree, powdered form, steamed or cooking.In acute liver diseases bread is replaced with white breadcrumbs, and excluded foods containing coarse plant fibers, and enhancing fermentation processes in the intestine.Following these recommendations at least half, you will provide invaluable assistance in the restoration and protection of your liver!Always remember that before starting for his liver with a desire to improve her condition, you should know how to treat liver disease correctly, that would really help her, and to avoid undesirable consequences of inadequate treatment.

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