How to avoid flat feet in children

Flat feet in children is more dangerous than adults, because they quickly progresses and brings physical suffering and loss of health for life, since a very young age.

Flat feet - a foot deformity in the form of flattening arches with the loss of ability to depreciation when driving.This strain is derived from the weakening of the muscles that support the arch of the foot and ensuring its springy quality, while the whole load on the ligaments that are stretched and flattened foot.

flattening of the foot leads to a violation of posture in children, so the effect on the position of the pelvis and spine.Children with flat feet are ugly strained gait, they strongly stomp, waving their arms, bent-toed feet and walk.The reason for this is the violation of the support function and blood circulation of the lower limbs.Due to flat feet and posture and gait are broken at an early age.

Flat feet in children may develop a number of reasons.In addition to congenital, acquired flatfoot is a result of trauma or dis

ease rickets or polio, but most often the disease develops from the static loads.Static load associated with the way of life that you can adjust.

For static loads include excessive weight load, prolonged standing or walking.Excessive weight load from own weight on the fragile musculo-ligamentous apparatus of the foot is present in obese children or children who started too early to stand or walk.In children, early to start walking, due to its own weight bent legs in the form of letters or x.For the same reason, children are harmful long walks or long distance on foot.On the formation of the harmful impact of the foot long wearing kids soft shoes without heel.

best prevention posture and flatfoot disorder in children is the proper organization of their adult life.It is necessary to eliminate the excess static loads, to help the child acquire the skills right movements and correct body position in a static state, and in a dream, wearing the right shoes, active physical activities alternate with periods of rest in a calm state.

useful to do foot massage and warm baths, to improve blood circulation, strengthen muscle tone.To exercise the muscles and ligaments useful therapeutic exercises that you can do every day at home.The child must be mobile, it is an important condition for its development, with the exception of one - every active load (and rest) should be limited in time.Children stop, unlike the adult, very elastic and movable, its formation is not finished yet, so it is not suitable for static loads.

When load flattened arches of the foot, and after it recovers its shape by reducing the muscle.During prolonged stress occurs persistent flattening of the foot due to overwork the muscles and if this condition is repeated - developing flatfoot.Parents and caregivers need to be attentive to all the little things in the process of growth and development of the child to take timely corrective measures.Their reward will be stored or returned by the child's health, because the flat is curable only in childhood.

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