Trap for the feet - gout

Gout is known to people since ancient times and it is a trap for the feet, it is translated from the Greek language.This name for the disease has sharp pain attacks comparable to hit leg in a trap.

Gout is known to people since ancient times and it is a trap for the feet, it is translated from the Greek language.This name for the disease has sharp pain attacks comparable to hit leg in a trap.Gout is considered a disease of wealthy people, has long been known for the role of the abuse of meat delicacies and alcohol on a background of low physical activity in the development of this disease.The basis

gout is increased uric acid in the blood and its deposition in various tissues of internal organs, often in the kidney and blood vessels, and joints.Uric acid is formed by the decay of the purine bases of the food and its level increases during deceleration excretion by the kidneys.Most vital factors provoke the beginning of gouty attacks: alcohol intake, diet infringement, joint trauma, general physical o

r neuro-emotional overload, lack of exercise, etc.

Picture attack characteristic, especially in the beginning of the disease..Suddenly, most often at night, there is a sharp pain in the joint, its redness, fever.Acute arthritis usually affects the first finger of one leg, but the inflammation can spread to the soles of the feet.Usually the first attack lasts from 3 to 10 days and ends with an imaginary recovery.In the future, the disease is cyclical, gradually shorten the periods between attacks, and the attacks themselves are extended.


The process may involve other joints, while greatly sore feet and gradually formed the typical arthritic nodules (tophi) in the joints, on the ears, on the fingers and toes.These bumps on the toes (tophi) may be opened spontaneously formed fistula, through which stands out whitish mass - urate crystals of sodium.They cause pain and inflammation.Later still bluish tinge to the skin, joints deformed, become inactive, literally "feet do not go."

Gout on the legs of the patient is often associated with diabetes and kidney stone disease, because the disease is also the nature of the exchange.Chronic gouty arthritis (gout exacerbation) is characterized by persistent inflammation of one or more joints.Treatment systems depend on the form and stage.It is aimed at eliminating pain (NSAIDs) to reduce blood urate (the main drug - allopurinol).

designate a rich alkaline drink (mineral water) and a diet for life except meat soups, meat and fish (resolved meat and fish boiled in a maximum of two times per week).Prohibited foods rich in purine bases: meat and fish broth, kidney, liver, beans, alcohol, strong tea and coffee.Recommended spa treatment.Treatment of the cones on their toes compresses conduct of medical bile, it is sold in pharmacies.Bile has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and resolving action.

very common recipe for the use of tincture of lilac flowers.Pour lilac flowers loosely in a half-liter bottle top, pour the alcohol and insist in a dark place for three weeks.Ingest 30 drops three times daily before meals and at the same tincture rubbed sore spots, or to make compresses.Very useful to use apples, watermelon and juice from them.There are folk recipe for admission into the powder of watermelon crusts on 2g three times a day.

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