How to cure asthma

asthma attacks manifested by shortness of breath, wheezing and difficulty exhaling.Patients are in a characteristic pose: they sit down, resting his hands on the seat, a person may redden, swell the veins in the neck.

How to cure bronchial asthma

asthma attacks manifested by shortness of breath, wheezing and difficulty exhaling.Patients are in a characteristic pose: they sit down, resting his hands on the seat, a person may redden, swell the veins in the neck.First aid in case of asthma attack should begin with the call "ambulance".Then, if the patient has an inhaler to help them take advantage of.If the inhaler is not, give a pill or Zirteka Telfasta (tsiterizina or terfenadine) and tablet aminophylline.If drugs are not near, seat the patient comfortably, open the window, if the patient is not allergic to pollen, and his lower leg in a basin of hot water.Make a wet cleaning of the premises and immediately seek a doctor.

are early (occurring immediately after exposure to the allergen) and late (begi

nning 3-4 hours after contact with the allergen) asthma attacks.Late asthmatic attacks lasting more than 12 hours, more resistant than the early and difficult to curative interventions.Against the background of acute illness episodes become more frequent and longer, and the effect of bronchodilator drugs is reduced.In such circumstances, they develop complications of bronchial asthma: asthmatic status, emphysema, "pulmonary heart", chronic respiratory failure.Their treatment requires emergency treatment, and should be done in a medical facility.Usually complications accompanied by moderate to severe degree of severity of asthma, especially in incorrect treatment or when the patient does not receive treatment.

How to cure bronchial asthma

Status asthmaticus not passing indicates asphyxiation, whereby inhalers do not help.Status asthmaticus occurs when uncontrolled use inhalers, or in severe disease.Emphysema is associated with changes in the lung wall and the expansion of the pulmonary airspace.The rib cage of the patient becomes a "barrel".Shortness of breath becomes constant."Pulmonary heart" is a heart failure that develops during long-term severe disease.Patients also constant shortness of breath, heart palpitations, blue fingers and toes, swelling.Chronic respiratory failure occurs before the heart, as a result of severe course of asthma and emphysema.

Currently accepted international standards for the treatment of bronchial asthma, the aim of which is to achieve control of the manifestations of the disease.This means that it is necessary to seek a longer period may be without symptoms of the disease, the patient, without limitation of physical activity and to achieve better quality of life.Complete cure asthma can not be the main thing to keep the disease at the mild stage as long as possible, to avoid the heavy flow.

Primary prevention of asthma is possible in family planning.Do not marry for people suffering from asthma, as their children almost certainly will develop asthma.Prevention of asthma is to prevent patient exposure to the allergen.To prevent the emergence and worsening of asthma must be timely treatment of acute respiratory infections, pollution and habitat hygiene patient education skills to avoid contact with allergens and other irritants.In the period of remission (a period without symptoms of the disease) is performed physiotherapy, physical exercise (walking, swimming), physical therapy, spa treatment.

treatment of asthma in the resort should be done at local resorts, as proven clinically that the processes of adaptation to new climatic conditions do not benefit the patient, and sometimes provoke exacerbation.

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