What is nail fungus

Mushrooms belong to the class of lower plants, forming strands of mycelium and spores with which they multiply and spread in the environment.There are about 100 000 species of fungi, of which about 100 species can cause disease in humans and animals.

fungi on the skin and its appendages, called dermatophytes, and the diseases they cause, - dermatomycoses.Dermatomycoses divided into several groups of fungal diseases, depending on the depth of lesions, specificity and localization of pathogens, as well as the degree of "infectivity".This classification also includes onychomycosis - fungal nail disease, which cause different types of nail fungus (the main ones: Trihofitum, crusted ringworm, Mikrosporium, Rubromikozum, Candida albicans).

What is nail fungus?Nail, affected fungi of the genus Trihofitum, dims, thickens, becomes fragile and brittle, crack, gets dirty gray color, shorter in length, it has an uneven, as if eaten edge.The process is rarely limited only by the nails, usually struck by the skin o

f hands or feet.With the defeat of nails favus should seek defeat of the scalp and other parts of the skin.This type of fungi is very stable for many months can remain in the dust in the furniture, carpets, without losing their infectious properties.It commonly affects domestic animals and birds.Infection occurs through direct contact from person to person or through clothing, underwear, headgear and toiletries.Possible contamination from sick pets.By the disease are particularly susceptible children and adolescents living in poor hygienic conditions.

For lesions caused by the fungus kind of skin and nails - Mikozum, characterized by defeated first interdigital folds adjacent to the 4th and 5th toes, then affects the nails of the thumb and little finger.This group of pathogens also cause nail fungus and skin on the hands.The defeat of the nail usually begins with the free edge of the nail thickens and has a yellowish tint and a serrated edge.Candidiasis (yeast-like fungi group) nail ridges and nails more common in women visiting a nail salon.Nail ridges swollen, reddened.Nails become brownish-gray, becoming rough and dull.The widespread and uncontrolled use of antibiotics population, corticosteroid

For the selection of rational treatment must be tested for nail fungus.Laboratory testing carried out in two ways: a microscopic examination of the infected material and research of the fungus colonies grown on nutrient media.In the analysis of rent a piece of the nail of the patient.Based on these results the doctor-mycologist appoint a suitable remedy for nail fungus (Lamisil, Nizoral, rumikoz, Diflucan).Treating nail fungus (onychomycosis) - a very long and complex process and its effectiveness depends on the thoroughness of the treatment.

important to remember that the fungus does not begin with nails, and skin lesions, the appearance of cracks or peeling.And only after that the infection proceeds to nails.First, the nails become dull, slightly different from the others, and only then begin to thicken and change color.Therefore, we must pay attention to the condition of the skin and interdigital folds in the daily care and at the first sign to sound the alarm, to begin treatment.The fungus of the skin, but still "fresh", easily treated, is only another week to anoint antifungal ointment, because there is no need to wait for the regrowth of the nail!

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