How to treat genital herpes ?

believed that completely rid the body of the herpes virus is almost impossible, and if it happens, it is too high probability of a new infection.Cases successfully get rid of the herpes virus after several years of regular treatment and cases of spontaneous virus removal to 63- 65 years.

Herpes second type (genital or gender) is much more difficult to cure than type 1, which is called "cold on the lips."The point here is that the genital type of virus is more powerful and affects the sexual sphere, functioning with the help of hormones, and thus the impact on the body he had so much more.

What is genital herpes?It is manifested in the skin of genitals and around them in women at high and low labia, on the clitoris, near the urethra, groin, buttocks around the anus and in the mucous membranes of the vagina, the men's head and foreskinmember, on the scrotum, in the groin, perineum.

Suddenly there is itching, burning or pain, then pour single or groups of watery blisters on reddened areas.At the same ti

me can increase the temperature, there may be fever, malaise, muscle pain, lower abdomen and headache.The majority of cases are increasing inguinal lymph nodes, there is some pain when urinating.A few days later the bubbles burst, and in their place painful sores are formed.The entire period of herpes infection a person is contagious to the partner and should refrain from any sexual contact.

Men recurrent genital herpes may look different, without the formation of bubbles.On the skin of the penis, close to his head, visible red shapeless portions of an inflammatory nature with a "varnish" surface.Other symptoms are similar to the classic manifestation of herpes, but more often than women, cases of acute urinary retention.Furthermore, there is more common in men without worsening external genital herpes manifestations: inflammation, bubbles, etc., with a high degree of infectivity.

Genital herpes is dangerous not only because of its contagious, it leads to cervical and prostate cancer, fading to pregnancy and neonatal death.It is no accident, medical science is developing all the new, more efficient methods of dealing with herpes.It is extremely difficult to keep up with the virus: it is constantly mutating, creating new resistant strains of treatment.

Today drugs against herpes recurrences successfully remove and allow to increase the periods between them.The most effective treatment for type 1 herpes drug Valtrex and Herpes type 2 (genital) drug Famvir.The usual course of treatment 5 days, but can vary depending on the degree of multiplicity and relapses.

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