How to cure herpes at home?

main routes of transmission of herpes by direct contact with sick or infected with HIV (kissing, hugging, touching, intercourse), by airborne droplets (when speaking, coughing) and in infected subjects.

Once sucked into the body, the herpes virus stays there forever.With the weakening of immunity periodic outbreaks of disease with typical manifestations on the skin and mucous membranes, they are called relapses.

recently found that when the primary infection of the virus being introduced into human cells for the first night, so you can avoid the life-long infection, starting antiviral treatment immediately.Furthermore, it is possible to achieve long-term period without the herpes relapse if repeatedly bubbles prevent rashes.How to do it?Just start treatment at the first signs of recurrence beginning: itching, tingling, induration at the site of the future focus of lesions, that is, the so-called prodromal period.

against herpes on the lips, you can use a number of tools, including the popular.To prev

ent bubbles, you can by applying rash swab with alcohol or an alcohol tincture of propolis, calendula, boric alcohol.The former can make bubbles swab with hydrogen peroxide, with a strong tea astringent solution, cherry, blueberry, Bergenia, oak bark.Tampon keep minutes, repeat 5-6 times a day.Soothe the itch will swab with korvalola.

cure herpes at home juice celandine

cure herpes at home can be the juice of celandine.For juicing take all parts of the plant: the roots, stems and leaves, mince.From the resulting mass squeezed juice through a double cheesecloth and pour it into a bottle with a tight stopper.Sometimes you need to release gas from the bottle.After 5-7 days when ferment juice, it can be continuously used, while maintaining a cool place.Herpes can be treated once, just pressed juice, lubricating pockets several times a day.Celandine juice is also used in many diseases of the nasopharynx, in diseases and skin lesions, with internal diseases.

There are other ways to treat herpes at home.For example, you can make soda baths or compresses (depending on the localization of foci), then grease the pockets of sea buckthorn oil.For soda compress is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of baking soda per 200 ml of warm boiled water, stir until dissolved.

In the acute stage of the disease when there are bubbles or unhealed sores, blood-purifying diet needs.This means to exclude spices, alcohol, foods with a sour taste and limit the intake of salt and sugar, chocolate.It is recommended to increase the intake of raw vegetables, salads and vegetable juices.

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