How to remove acne from the back

Our body - a complex biological system in which vital processes are carried out a variety of biochemical reactions simultaneously.It is logical to assume that a failure of these processes may result in a number of reasons.

So the question, why pimples on the back, has several answers.We list them briefly.

1. «Hormonal" acne, that is caused by hormonal imbalances are more often in teenagers.Hormonal and especially skin reactions are inherited genetically.Eruptions more abundant and larger than those teens whose parents also suffer from this problem.In men, acne on the back appear more often than girls.Diseases of the endocrine glands also trigger acne in adults (pituitary disease, adrenal glands, male and female reproductive organs).

2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Hyperkeratosis - a thickening of the upper stratum corneum due to a lack of vitamin A, professional intoxication, prolonged pressure or rubbing of the skin.

4. Individual skin microflora.

5. Stress affecting the hormonal st

atus, causes acne.

6. Violation of immunity allows the microorganisms to actively proliferate, causing inflammation.

7. Heat and hot climate exacerbate acne.

finished with the search for the reasons you need to decide how to remove acne from the back.To do this, you need to determine the severity of their symptoms.If pimples are small, shallow, without a strong reddening, it is sufficient to wipe the back levomitsetinovym 3% or 2% salicylic alcohol or tincture of propolis and then apply the gel metrogil or salicylic-zinc paste.It is useful to take into yeast with sulfur acne, as Nagipol drug.

How to remove acne from the back

If pimples large and deep, they are treated with antibiotics, taking in and using externally (JUnidoks inside Zener - externally).When large drain on the back acne effective treatment with Roaccutane (a derivative of vitamin A), which reduces the inflammatory lesions, reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, reducing their size.The drug is taken orally in capsules, the dose is prescribed individually according to the severity of lesions.Another retinoid (vitamin A derivative) for external lecheniya- Airolo, comes in the form of absorbent cream, gel and lotion, which is useful in the treatment of back.In the treatment of acne and acne open Airolo helps equalize the skin without evidence of inflammation, and for treatment of acne closed (blackheads) facilitates the transition in their open or acne papules, which then heal without scarring, and prevents the formation of new spots.It is used on doctor's prescription, as it has contraindications and side effects.For example, it is contraindicated for wounds, including - injuries after acne.

wounds after acne treated with antibiotics, if they arose after which revealed purulent papules.Clean the wound heal healing wounds - solkoseril, Argosulfan and others.Any wound-healing agent is applied only on clean wound.Purify the wound by washing with chlorhexidine, furacillin, then blot dry with a sterile cloth.

Recently, lavender is used for acne.This is due to its powerful antiseptic and analgesic effect.Lavender essential oil has long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of burns, purulent wounds and skin diseases.Lavender essential oil lubricates the wound after the pimples and acne at any stage of 2-3 times a day.On larger wound bandage.

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