Pine cones in stroke : the whole truth

Pine cones in stroke : the whole truth
Perhaps, each disease has its own special set of myths.Where the disease is taken to avoid it, how to be treated if sick?For example, a stroke in recent years, a kind of cult of pine cones.

Some say that her spirit tincture protect against the development of cerebral circulatory disorders, others - that a decoction of the cones will help in rehabilitation, while others shake their heads, profanity, they say.Let's see, where did this myth and whether the effect of the national method of treatment of stroke.

important for stroke

about stroke, its forms, causes and symptoms we have written more than once.Today, therefore, confine ourselves to a short list of the most important points:

  • stroke - "fast" disease, it develops suddenly and requires immediate medical attention;
  • develop acute cerebral circulatory disorders can occur at any age;
  • rehabilitation is important, not less emergency - stroke is a major cause of disability;
  • according to statistics, in the Russian megacities happens every day mor
    e than 100 strokes, one third of all stroke die within a month, half of - in the course of the year.

rapid development of the disease and its frightening consequences make patients and their families to seek an alternative to official medicine, even when there is the opportunity to purchase the most modern and expensive drugs.In the course it is not only a familiar herbal medicine, but also mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide injection, massage and diet, as well as the infusion of pine cones.

Pine cones in stroke: the birth of the myth

Popularity pine cones in stroke as a method of treatment, prevention and rehabilitation began more than 10 years ago.

fall of 2001, the medical section of the British BBC news corporation published an article about opening of scientists from the US , have achieved considerable success in preventing death after stroke mice brain cells.

fact that a large number of cells destroyed after resuming circulation.The reason for this phenomenon is not fully understood pathophysiological mechanism.

Staff University of California introduced a new type of experimental animals tannin extracted from green tea leaves and pine cones.It was found that the drug can prevent the process of destruction of the cells, reducing their death from 70 to 20%.

However, encouraging results in quite abut the barrier material - new tannin molecules due to their size are not able to cross the blood-brain barrier (the barrier between blood vessels and brain tissue).The next task of scientists - the creation of a smaller molecule that can reach its destination.

Shortly after the publication of the BBC article has been translated into Russian, and then reprinted and overgrown with artistic details.

So there were squirrels and hares, eating Californian snowy winters pine cones near the university campus and thus escaping from a stroke;scientists excited unusual animal behavior and "open" the presence of nutrients in the pine;American pine miraculous pills from a stroke, and other inventions that make the dry scientific news emotional and life-affirming.

Drug pine tree

fair to say that the pine is indeed a real source of health.It has long pine shoots, buds, buds, bark, sap and pollen used for the treatment and prevention of scurvy and tuberculosis, to get rid of colds and stomach problems, gout and rheumatism.Pine treat kidney stones, nervous diseases, wounds.

This tree familiar to us richly sweet smells, essential oils, vitamins, tannins.Tinctures, teas, bath teas and syrups made of pine has tonic properties and boosts immunity.

Recently, scientists from Florence and Siena investigated drugs that have been found on board sank before our era ship.It was found that the composition included the detected tablets including pine resin.Presumably, a medicine intended for the treatment of eye diseases.

In addition, in 2014, were published preclinical studies lilamina extracted from pine bark.According to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, the substance detected by them can be a breakthrough in the fight against melanoma.

Alternative Reality

Considering all of the above useful properties of pine, as well as the importance of the placebo effect, we can not omit the story in today's drug recipes from pine cones from a stroke.

These recipes have earned people's glory, there are dozens of stories about their care in rehabilitation therapy, the return of speech and improve coordination after stroke.However, remember that any treatment has contraindications and should be agreed with your doctor.

In our latitudes pine cone to be collected in the first year of its appearance, closer to the fall.By this time, lump accumulate a lot of nutrients, but it is not yet time to fully open and lose the healing properties with the seed.Collected from healthy trees cones, small - 4 cm in length.

Pine cones stroke: recipes

  • collected cones are washed, put in a glass dish and pour vodka or 70% alcohol.In the liquid glass falls 5-7 cones.All this is firmly closed and insist in a dark place at room temperature for 10-14 days.Infusion advised to shake daily.Upon expiration of the infusion peretsezhivayut - medicine is ready.Take three times a day on a teaspoon for six months during the period of recovery, as well as a teaspoon a day as a prevention.
  • For those who do not accept alcohol, there is another recipe.Those 5-7 cones are washed, cut into pieces, pour a liter of water, bring to a boil and cook over low heat for about 15 minutes.Broth insist in the warmth, and then drink 100-150 ml three times a day.There
  • and medicinal bath recipe is based on pine cones.A third buckets cones filled with hot water and infuse for half an hour.Then, in this pine water for 20-40 minutes immersed hands and feet.It is believed that such baths help normalize blood circulation.

And young pine cones cook a delicious jam.But that's another story.

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