How to improve posture ?

In normal posture the head is held straight, his shoulders are deployed and are on the same horizontal line, tummy tucked, legs straightened.

Posture - a habitual position of the figures freely sitting or standing person.Posture can change when a person is tired, ill, upset.The changing posture not only negatively affects the attractiveness of the shape of the person, but also promotes the development of diseases of the spine and internal organs.

To prevent negative consequences, simple posture rules must be followed to maintain it in good condition:

1. Take the habit to sit at the table and in general wherever it was.

2. To work under normal lighting conditions.

3. To select the correct height of your chair and desk to work.

4. Get in the habit of lifting weights correctly and move them.

5. Always keep an eye on their own gait.

6. Stay active, more often in the open air.

7. Fully and timely feeding.

8. Learning to relax the muscles after exercise.

9. Sleeping on a suitable bed for the spine


By following these rules, you can also align your posture with little abuses.After all, if to sit, the pressure on back muscles will be distributed evenly, and will not provoke stoop.Normal workplace illumination eliminates the need to crane your neck and lean closer.Chair posture is the most important, its height should be such that the feet were sitting on the floor and knees bent at right angles, and the back of the chair should support your back in the lumbar region.

To properly lift a heavy object, it is necessary to sit down, take it, hugged her, and rise.When transporting heavy loads need to distribute the weight on both hands or to change hands more often if you have to carry one.After exercise you need to stretch your muscles, relax them liked by any method.To maintain muscle tone and strength you need to engage in physical exercise, any of its kind.Strong, trained muscles are beautiful and help to improve your posture.Follow his gait tiring just the beginning.When it becomes a habit, you will be proud of her.

about the necessity of full and timely supply to talk too, everyone understands what we - what we eat.And the muscles and bones, and everything else in our body needs nutrition.A suitable bed will not only provide a deep sleep, but also help maintain the health of the spine for many years.

How to align your posture in other ways?The main one - exercises to improve posture.They published many.Here is an example of such a set of five exercises.

1. Lying, bend your knees, hands over his head in the castle.Reaching the elbow to the knee of the opposite foot.Perform 10 times for each arm.

2. Standing, feet slightly apart, arms bent at the elbows at shoulder height, palms facing up.On the 1-2 well to dissolve the hands, trying to close the blade, 3-4 to bring them forward, keeping your elbows close to each other.Repeat 16-20 times.

3. Become or sit up straight.Pull the chin forward as much as possible, then lower his head so as to form a double chin.Repeat up to 20 times.

4. Lying down, legs bent at the knees, arms extended along the body.At the expense of time to raise the pelvis up at 2 - turn it to the right - to the left, keeping the shoulders from the floor, 3-4 to return to the starting position.Perform 15 times on each side.

5. Supine hip clasp and pull the legs to the torso up until you feel a comfortable tension in your lower back.

For small disturbances are also times for posture for 4-5 hours a day.It helps to develop the habit of not stoop.Children issued a warning device posture Master.This device begins to vibrate silently, reminding your child that it is necessary to straighten the back.

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