How to eliminate acne

Most people are familiar with this problem, more than cosmetic, bringing more moral suffering than physical.The presence of acne has a psychological impact, which could lead to difficulties in communication, depression.Not surprisingly, when faced with this problem, a person thinks only about how to eliminate acne.

funds for the treatment of acne can be purchased at the pharmacy, it is important only to approach this rationally.Acne treatment should consist of the following daily treatments: cleansing, disinfection treatment, application of a therapeutic agent.Additional procedures carried out 1-2 times a week, is a deep cleaning of the skin (steam bath, followed by a mask out of clay).To select a treatment, it is necessary to objectively assess the degree of manifestation of acne.

Skin cleansing is carried out twice a day, morning and evening, foaming cleanser.Disinfectant liquids can be water-based or alcohol.When inflamed red pimples best to use a 2% salicylic, 3% or 3% boric levomitsetinovy ​​alco

hols, and when the inflammation subsides go to aqueous solutions of chlorhexidine or furatsillina, repeated eruptions go back to alcohol.

Selecting a therapeutic agent depends on the extent of lesions.If pimples are small, without a strong inflammation or recent enough sleep, suitable treatment gels or Kuriozin Baziron and Skinoren with a large number of comedones (black and white dots).The therapeutic agent is applied to clean skin twice daily.If the number of inflammatory red nodules reaches twenty or some spot for a long time does not pass, it is best to conduct a comprehensive treatment of metronidazole: tablet metronidazole (Trichopolum) to take 10 days to 2 tablets 2 times a day after meals and metrogil gel is applied to the face 2 timesin a day.If there is pus head from acne, you need to take tetracycline antibiotics, are more effective JUnidoks and doxycycline treatment, too, 10 days JUnidoks take 1 tablet 2 times a day, and doxycycline 1 capsule 3 times a day 1 hour before meal.Taking antibiotics can be combined with metronidazole to enhance the effect.During treatment with antibiotics can not drink alcohol and be under the direct sun (beach, solarium).Outside therapeutic agent antibiotic and zinc Zinerit.

If the treatment does not give the desired effect or if there are long healing large pimples, you need to seek professional help.It is known that moderate and severe acne gives percolation with healing scars, it becomes a serious cosmetic problem.Currently, developed methods of treatment with liquid nitrogen or by surgery, but we are primarily interested in the most simple and accessible method of ointment from acne scars.Ointment methyluracyl used for many years for the healing of burns and wounds without scarring, but created modern special means of scars after acne and cosmetic surgery is a gel and gel Contractubex mederma.It stipulates that all external remedies are only effective for the treatment of fresh scars, which are not more than six months.The exception is a costly means Fermenkol, used in specialized clinics.

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