Rhinophyma : what it is

Rhinophyma : what it is
Rhinophyma - a benign overgrowth of the nasal tissue.It does not affect human health or physical condition of the body, but is a significant cosmetic defect, obezobrazhivaya face.

Rhinophyma formed due to congenital vascular changes in the tissues of the face or under the influence of adverse factors.

Often it develops in the later stages of rosacea, although some patients rosacea has never been.Increases the probability of proliferation of nasal tissue hormonal disorders, digestive tract diseases.

The most common disease diagnosed in older men.Chronic alcoholism due to concomitant disorders of all body systems and greatly increases the risk of rhinophyma.

What is rhinophyma

hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the skin of the nose looks like a single node or the build-up formation.The sebaceous glands in the nose and increase in size, they produce large amounts of sebum.Vasodilatation, which mainly consists of rhinophyma tissue, give the formation of distinctive reddish or bluish color.

education grows slowly, the most intense growth is observed in the first years of the disease, then it slows down considerably.Hypertrophic nasal tissue will never return to normal.

small rhinophyma has no symptoms.Major education difficult breathing, and sometimes a meal.Furthermore, they put pressure on the nasal cartilage, causing their destruction.

Treatment and prevention of rhinophyma

Hypertrophic education often removed surgically.From small growths can be removed with a laser or radio wave surgery.

Major Rhinophyma dissected the traditional method of using a scalpel.After surgery, rhinoplasty is needed to restore its shape and achieve a cosmetic effect.

the initial stages of drug treatment used - creams and ointments, lotions with resorcinol, tannin and boron.Furthermore, in the treatment of any stage is required to impact on the immediate cause of the disease.

reduce the risk of rhinophyma can be subject to several rules:

  • avoid overcooling and overheating, prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • timely treat rosacea;
  • a tendency to vasodilatation refuse to visit bath or sauna;
  • eliminate hot and spicy food, smoked meat, alcohol;
  • treat digestive tract disorders.

The sooner treatment is started rhinophyma, the greater the chance that it will be successful and it will be possible to do without surgery.

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