How to protect against disease fingernails

skin of hands, more than other parts of the body is exposed to various diseases: pustular, fungal or parasitic.The emergence of pustular disease contributes to excessive pollution of the skin, cuts, burns, scratches, as well as fatigue, nervous stress man when weakened immune defenses.

to parasitic diseases include human damage ticks of animals and birds.An example is the common disease scabies, occurs when entering into the skin itch mite.Scabies is highly contagious, transmitted through contact with the patient, his clothes and linen, in the baths.Itch moves into thin strips with little greyish bubble at one end on the hands visible on the lateral surfaces of the fingers.When scabies much itching, and with the spread of tick - and other parts of the body.

fungus on his hands causing vegetative microorganisms - fungi or yeast filamentous structure.Infection occurs through contact of the human or animal patient, through everyday objects.Yeast fungi are found on the surface of fruits and vegetables, on

the skin of healthy humans or animals.The fungus can infect the skin of palms or back of the hand, the skin between the fingers, and, unfortunately, the fingernails are not isolated from the lesions.

treatment of fungal nail infections long and expensive, because prevention is important, which includes hygienic skin care and nail care, personal use of household items (washcloths, towels, shoes), frequent disinfection baths, floors in baths and showers.The same is relevant in relation to the prevention of scabies.

But my nails threatening diseases is much broader.In addition to these infectious diseases of the skin, fingernails can infect a variety of internal diseases, especially infectious, nervous, endocrine.Sometimes defeat nail apparatus caused injuries or occupational factors, as well as tumors.Most are rare congenital lesions nails.

most common different types of nail dystrophy, which manifests itself in the form of changes to the nail plate, nail bed and nail ridges.nail dystrophy may be a manifestation of internal diseases of the body, as well as the result of trauma nail (mechanical, chemical) or frequently recurring skin maceration fingers (swelling and peeling of the skin when washing, washing dishes, working in the water, etc.), fungal lesions.The most frequent injuries at the wrong manicure, resulting in possible separation of the nail from the nail bed or ingrowth.

Other types of nail dystrophy: atrophy of the nail plate, longitudinal or transverse grooves, concave nails, nail istykannost point, splitting the nail plate longitudinal or transverse, bending nails, brittle nails and pigmentation disorders.

How to protect against all of these diseases fingernails?The main thing - to protect a loved one from any infections, why personal hygiene is always and everywhere: Wash your hands, fruits and vegetables, use only his shoes, comb, washcloth, towel and linen, to avoid contact with sick people.In the case of infection immediately start treatment to prevent the disease to take root.

Avoid rough nail design, to limit the use of aggressive solvents, especially acetone, low-quality paints that damage the surface of the nail matrix.To prevent nail infections is necessary to protect them from accidental injuries in the home and at work.It is necessary to support and general health, skin and nails to look beautiful.The basic condition for healthy skin and nails of the hands is regular maintenance.

People with dry skin on a daily basis need to use hand cream after washing, and for normal skin - enough to grease the hands of every 2-3 days (the older people, the multiplicity of the application of the cream more often).It is useful once a week use a scrub and mask making or bath for the hands.This simple care will allow you for many years to maintain a healthy, well-groomed hands with beautiful nails.

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