Cystoscopy : evidence and conduct

Cystoscopy : evidence and conduct
One of the methods of investigation of the urinary system, particularly the bladder and ureters estuaries is cystoscopy.This endoscopic method for using a special device to inspect the mucous membranes of the urethra and bladder, without violating the integrity of the anatomical organs and without causing severe inconvenience to the patient.

Today cystoscopy technique significantly improved, and you can conduct a survey by means of rigid and flexible optical systems.Each of them has its advantages and indications, the image can be seen directly or eye doctor (in a rigid system) or on the screen - in a flexible.

Cystoscopy: Cystoscopy testimony

appointed not all patients, as it does not apply to mandatory and simple methods of inspection, such as ultrasound examination of the kidneys and bladder.

procedure is quite unpleasant, is more expensive and is assigned only under certain strict indications.

cystoscopy in urology prescribed, often with hospitalization if the following statements.

  • presence of blood in the urine (hematuria).Cystoscopy in this case is carried out in order to accurately locate the source of bleeding - whether it is the bladder mucosa, urethra or source located above the bladder.Then they will be assigned also additional methods of research.
  • Suspected foreign body bladder or urethra.This method is practically the only one that allows to accurately visualize the subject, to establish its characteristics and dimensions, and also in parallel to solve the problem with his removal.In the presence of very small foreign bodies bladder smooth edges and surface they can try to remove with the help of the same cystoscope naturally.Similarly, the same manner is performed and diagnosis of stones in the bladder and remove them, if the size and shape of the stones permit.
  • damage the urethra or bladder traumatic nature will also be one of the main indications for cystoscopy.By means of visual inspection can determine the location of the mucosal injuries, fractures and injuries its bladder.
  • Suspected cancer processes urethra or bladder are also absolute indications for cystoscopy.With this method, you can visually identify the tumor and decide on its surgical removal.

How to prepare for cystoscopy

Cystoscopy is the introduction apparatus with optics inside the cavity of the bladder through the urethra, and it may face entering the bladder from the patient's genital flora.

So for cystoscopy requires special training, because the probability of infection is proportional to the degree of purity of the patient's genitals, but also depends on the sterility of the instruments.

Naturally, the procedure for all the instruments are carefully prepared and sterilized, so the importance of proper preparation of the genitals to the cystoscopy is becoming the most important issue.The genitals should be carefully washed with soap and water and dry with a towel before the procedure.

The bladder should be filled, though, if there are problems with urination and filling, can be held and emptying the bubble - the doctor himself will fill a special bubble solution.

In order to reduce pain and discomfort in the urethra during the procedure introduced a special preparation (katezhel), it is recommended to patients to purchase in advance before visiting the doctor.

How is cystoscopy

enjoyable called cystoscopy will not work during manipulation may arise unpleasant and even painful.This doctor will inform the patient in advance.

However, experience is not necessary - the procedure and all non-durable feeling quite tolerable.Before the procedure, the patient is placed on a couch, a nurse spends his genitals thorough skin treatment a special sterile solution.This significantly reduces the risk of infection at the entry of the procedure in the urethra and bladder.

After preparing the genital area a special pipette inserted into the urethra drug katezhel to improve the sliding of the cystoscope for urinary channel and reduce the pain of his administration.

Then there is the introduction of the cystoscope, through the action of the drug are hardly any discomfort, in addition to the pressure on the urethra wall.

During the examination of the bladder and manipulation may feel discomfort and mild pain in the abdomen, especially when filling the bladder with a special solution to its full extension.

After inspection cystoscope is removed, there is a sharp relief.After about two hours, when the effect of the drug in the urethra ends, may feel discomfort and pain in the urethra projection.They usually pass quickly.

During the procedure urologist examine the mucous membrane of the bubble on the monitor or in the bore of the instrument, precisely considered the most suspicious areas of the bladder.If necessary, during cystoscopy, your doctor may take a biopsy of the suspicious area to cauterize bleeding or hold any further manipulation.

On average, the procedure takes from five minutes to one hour.If the results of cystoscopy revealed no problems with the bladder, the patient may have in the day to go home.

Do all possible to carry out cystoscopy

to cystoscopy as for any medical procedure, there are contraindications.These include local processes such as cystitis and urethritis to complete their treatment.

also can not carry out the procedure at some of the common diseases and pathological conditions - kidney or liver failure, heart problems (unstable angina pectoris, conditions after a heart attack), with severe heart disease and poor general condition.

also forbidden to conduct in pregnant cystoscopy - a threatened miscarriage or premature birth.Difficulties arise with cystoscopy in men with BPH, since it would be difficult to introduce a tube of the device into the cavity of the bladder.

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