Wet cough how treatment

Wet cough how treatment
In autumn slush and winter dramatically increases the incidence of colds.Particularly troublesome are runny nose or cough, sometimes severely hinder work and can not pass.Cough can be different - dry and wet, and if a dry cough because of his torment treated faster and more active, then wet cough a lot of importance, although a cough can sometimes point to the development of very serious pathologies up to pneumonia.

Cough - a protective reaction of the organism to the introduction of pathogens and inflammation that occurs in response to the flow of impulses from the mucous.

Why does cough

usually cough occurs as a result of excess mucus or phlegm in the upper or lower respiratory tract as a result of infectious and inflammatory processes.

cough usually is one of the symptoms, along with general malaise, sore throat, runny nose and fever, although it may be the only sign of disease.

most commonly cough occurs as a result of SARS or acute or chronic rhinitis, sinusitis or adenoiditis.Typically, s

uch a cough in the morning after sleep, resulting in mucus flowing from the nose over the back of the throat.

wet cough can be a symptom of chronic bronchitis in the acute stage of a discharge of mucous or purulent sputum, as well as one of the manifestations of pneumonia (pneumonia) as a result of the formation of inflammatory exudate and irritation them small bronchi.

wet cough can be a symptom of more serious diseases - tuberculosis, lung abscess or tumor.So stubborn cough requires a doctor's advice and detailed survey.

treatment of wet cough

usually cough is the result of the transition of dry painful cough productive stage when taking medications.

wet cough tolerated by the patient easier, and you only need to cough effectively and remove the phlegm from the respiratory tract.But the transition of dry cough in the wet to let the process take its course is not necessary - it is necessary to conduct further medical measures to eliminate cough.

wet cough requires treatment also because plenty of phlegm in the respiratory system and its excessive production may induce a state of "swamping" of the bronchi or lungs and sputum development of infection - this leads to suppurative complications.

correct method of treatment of wet cough will depend on the reasons that caused the cough and other symptoms of the disease.Without exposure to the very cause of the cough is not possible to fully cure the cough.

So, when virus infection is necessary to conduct antiviral therapy, microbial - antibiotics to inhibit microbial flora and the induced inflammation.

the treatment of the same cough as a symptom of the need to facilitate sputum discharge, which accumulates in the bronchi or lungs, and improving the overall condition of the patient, and if necessary, a more productive cough sputum - use tools that enhance the production of mucus and sputum, which then need all fully cough.The best effect is achieved by the combined action of all the causes of cough.

How to start treatment of wet cough

when coughing, besides medication, important and common measures of influence, such as the reception of abundant alkaline drinking.This helps to make the phlegm more liquid and facilitates its expectoration easier.These drinks include degassed warm alkaline mineral water, warm milk with honey and butter, tea with lemon or raspberry, herbal teas, broth hips.

necessary to create in the room cool and moist air - in hot dry areas occur dehydration of mucous and cough stimulation.

necessary part of ventilation, the use of a humidifier or hanging wet towels.In addition, it is important to conduct a full wet cleaning to remove dust and allergens that can provoke coughing.

And at least for the time the disease is to stop smoking, including passive - tobacco smoke irritates the bronchial tubes and the throat.

on the treatment of cough is to abandon much cold, spicy and irritating foods.

But lying in bed in the treatment of wet cough is not necessary - the wet cough necessary traffic and stimulation of sputum discharge, as the constant lying contributes to stagnation and sputum expectorate it worse.Excellent help to expectorate breathing exercises and singing of vowels.

Methods of treatment of wet cough

One method of treatment of cough with poor expectoration thick mucus can be inhaled - use steam inhalation or inhalation.As components inhalation can be used herbal teas, essential oil or a soda solution, and drugs according to the doctor.

Steam inhalation should be done carefully so as not to cause burns of mucous and allergies (especially to the essential oils).

In folk medicine for coughs apply a hot compress on the chest, radish juice with honey or juice of Viburnum.Excellent vibration massage helps to expectorate (slapping and tapping on the chest) and postural drainage (intake of certain provisions for the discharge of phlegm).

But one only in folk medicine and general measures cough can be cured by no means always - then come to the aid of drugs from the pharmacy.

Application medicines

the treatment of wet cough prohibited the use of drugs to suppress the cough reflex (Codelac, sinekod), moreover - show drugs to stimulate expectoration.

Drugs prescribed for wet cough, have a mucolytic, thinning phlegm effect and expectorant properties.

Usually doctors try to prescribe herbal medicines for cough, have fewer side effects - Gerbion, licorice root, plantain, mother-and-stepmother.

Among expectorants drugs used drugs reflex action to help by irritation cough receptors - marshmallow, licorice root, essential oils and drugs resorptive action - Potassium and sodium iodide, sodium bicarbonate.

To phlegm easier and faster waste prescribed mucolytic drugs and mucoregulatory - they normalize the viscosity and quantity of mucus in the bronchi and lungs.These include karbotsistein, ACC, ambroxol and bromhexine.

In allergic cough used antihistamines and means to expand the bronchial tubes in their spasm.Can be used with a combination of drugs mucoregulatory, anti-inflammatory and other effects.

specific drug the doctor will advise you - not self-worth doing when you cough.

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