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How does psychoanalysis

What is the one of the most popular psychological currents.

In fact, at the present stage of development of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis has been used very often, especially in its classical form, which we often see in the movies - with a couch as a fixture of the work on the psychological problems.

main provisions

psychoanalysis founder Sigmund Freud in his time made a true revolution in the science of psychology.Psychoanalysts have postulated a greater role of the unconscious in human life, for the first time raised the problem of child sexuality, we began to pay attention to the psychological defenses.

Later, followers and opponents of Freud, who belonged to the same psychological school developed many more interesting theories and conducted a number of studies.

Among them are Carl Gustav Jung with his theory of the collective unconscious, Alfred Adler, with its concept of the inferiority complex, Karen Horney, developed the concept of basal anxiety, Melanie Klein, studied the interaction bet

ween mother and baby, and many others.

Many discoveries of psychoanalysts formed the basis of the classical psychology, which is now exploring all the students of psychological faculties.

Goals psychotherapy psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysts believe the purpose of psychotherapy help the client in understanding and awareness of his unconscious impulses and trends, the causes of its poor adaptation to reality.

is believed that such an understanding of the causes of their difficulties, the realization of their own psychological protection, early childhood traumas helps a person to get a more realistic view of themselves and the world, and also allows you to take over control of their own lives, to strengthen the ego - the central authority of the person, regulatingimpulses coming from the unconscious, assess the social framework, etc.

Features therapist and client interaction

In classical psychoanalysis the role and position of the psychologist fixed.The specialist does not intervene directly in the client's process of work on himself, his task is to give the necessary interpretations, carefully watching for the client.Psychoanalyst closed personality remains as neutral as possible in the process of communication.

The client is expected, first, the adoption of the very concept of psychoanalysis.Secondly, full openness and readiness for continuous operation.Psychotherapy in the psychoanalytic approach may last for several years, despite the fact that sessions are held several times a week.

working methods

In the first phase the analyst often uses a method of free association: a person simply says everything that comes into his head.The analyst draws attention to the reservation, especially humor, recurring themes, analyzes customer dreams, etc.

When « painful hotbed » found psychoanalyst captures the customer's attention to this point.At this stage, can be spoken many times and relive moments of childhood trauma, crises of the past.Gradually decreases painful experiences, one begins to see the situation more realistically.

During the interaction the analyst interprets many client's words, may enter into a confrontation with him to show moments of resistance or fear.

Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the resistance directly.There is a lot of work and a special transfer phenomenon (a phenomenon where the client projects on the therapist's attitude toward any significant figure in his life).

In general, psychoanalysis is based on the postulate that the present can only be changed by changing the past, to be more precise - attitude.

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