Electronic Cigarette : hazardous or not

Electronic Cigarette : hazardous or not
manufacturers of electronic cigarettes represent them as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco and even as a way to quit smoking.But in spite of the declared safety, all is not so rosy.Whether the electronic cigaret
te is harmful?

What is the electronic cigarette?It is located inside the inhaler nicotine cartridge and battery.

whether the electronic cigarette is harmful?

Under the influence of an electric current cartridge heats and vaporizes the nicotine, this evaporation and the smoker inhales.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarette does not produce tar, toxic fumes and carbon monoxide, harmful to health.This explains its benefits compared with tobacco smoking.

Unfortunately, this method of smoking poses a number of dangers, of which little is known, as manufacturers in this is simply not interested.Is the electronic cigarette is harmful?

presenting scientific refutation of the four common myths about electronic cigarettes.

first myth.Vapors from the electronic cigarette is absolutely clean

Recent studies have found in the "smoke" electronic cigarettes various potentially dangerous ingredients - formaldehyde and acetone to heavy metals.Also contained in the filling it in gaseous form polyethylene was strong irritant to the eyes and respiratory system.

Moreover, the smoker always has the opportunity to increase the power of cigarettes, making more complete evaporation of nicotine.The amount of harmful emissions in this case also is increased.

Exploring the question is harmful if the electronic cigarette, the researchers checked the cigarettes of different brands and vendors, and came to the conclusion that the content of harmful emissions from electronic cigarette, though on average lower than in tobacco smoke, but can be quite large, and certainly not harmless.

Harmful evaporation is not only for the smoker but also for others.They also have their share of formaldehyde and heavy metals, although this damage, according to scientists, again less than the inhalation of toxic smoke.

second myth.Electronic cigarettes are completely safe

Asked harmful or not the electronic cigarette, you need to keep in mind is another risk.The fact that nicotine is a very toxic liquid swallowing.Unfortunately, these have been recorded accidents with children.

These American service emergency state that looks particularly attractive flavored liquid for e-cigarettes.One teaspoon of liquid nicotine which is used in electronic cigarette sufficiently lethal for ingestion.

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third myth.Electronic cigarettes help to quit smoking

Studies on the subject have shown conflicting results.Some of them said that the use of electronic cigarettes help smokers to reduce the amount of real cigarettes.But nowhere is there is no reliable data on the relationship of electronic cigarettes and smoking cessation.

Moreover, it turns out that the electronic cigarette is able to plant on the nicotine hook even those who did not smoke before the traditional cigarettes.

According to statistics, about a third of "electronic smoking" before and did not smoke.

Myth Four.Electronic cigarettes are approved by the World Health Organization and approved for use everywhere

In fact, the WHO repeatedly published reports that indicated that their experts have found no convincing evidence of the safety of electronic cigarettes.

Advertising and sale of electronic cigarettes are banned in several countries, including Australia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Brazil and others.

incorrectly and claim that smoking electronic cigarette is permitted on board the aircraft or in other places where banned tobacco smoking.Most airlines in the world has made in its list of banned the use of electronic cigarettes on board.Thus, answering the question whether the electronic cigarette is harmful - definitely yes.

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