12 August

Transferred stress : what to do after ?

Stress greatly affects the general condition of the person, and for a long time is able to knock him out of the rut.To prevent this, you should always know and be clear on what to do after the stress.

ancient Greeks argued that the strong man - not one that can not be subjected to stress, and the one who knows what to do after the stress.In this article you will find a detailed answer to this question.

impact of stress on the body

Before proceeding to the question of what to do after the stress, we propose to consider the mechanism of its effects on the body in more detail.High stress can lead to the emergence of many variations:

  1. cramps brain vessels.
  2. Depression.
  3. Depression.
  4. excitement.
  5. Endocrine disorders.
  6. kidney and stomach cramps.

Since the first prolonged stress leads to development of diseases of a functional nature, which then spill over into the more complex question of what to do after the stress, it is now the most important.

What to do after you have experienced stress?

After prolonged stress everyone decides that it is best to do.Some prefer healthy sleep.This is the right decision, because it allows us to sleep perfectly relaxed.Many people prefer to take the stress of your favorite things, or take a stroll in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery.After the stress is very helpful to go to the bath.Good Russian or Finnish sauna is great relaxes and allows you to bring the body back in order.Also in the bath washed away all the negative emotions that have been accumulated over the week.At the same time the body cleans.For therapeutic purposes, you can brew tea from the leaves of mint, raspberry and chamomile.Broom zaparivat best oak or birch.Pogrom body with a broom and a little popartes.The glass pre-brewed tea can add one teaspoon of honey.Your job after recently suffering a stress - force your body to steam, to cause heavy sweating.After that, you can even warm up a little and make a scrub of three or four tablespoons of honey and the same amount of sodium sea salt.The body should be prepared to rub scrub and remove excess fat at the same time.After this procedure, any stress is forgotten like a bad dream, and the body is experiencing a rebirth.Another important point that should not be forgotten after a bath, - the restoration of the liquid environment of the body.For this purpose it can be used infusion of herbs or fresh juices.

Folk remedies provide us with a large range of methods that allow you to restore your health after stress.It is important to pay due attention to their health and does not neglect the implementation of relaxing treatments.

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