Hypothyroidism : a set of weight for no reason

thyroid hypofunction, or hypothyroidism - pathologic condition caused by insufficient amount of thyroid hormones, which affect many metabolic processes in the body.

People suffering from a deficiency of thyroid hormone, often make non-specific complaints of a general nature: fatigue, drowsiness, hair loss and brittle nails.One demonstration of this disease symptoms are swelling and a reasonable diet weight gain.



Usually, the cause of hypothyroidism is thyroid disease and damage: damage to the medication, radiation and other influences, trauma, removal of a critical amount of breast tissue during surgery, etc.Also, hypothyroidism causes a lack of iodine in consumable products and hypothalamic disease.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism

There are a number of symptoms characteristic of hypothyroidism.

  • The specific location and nature of the edema: big lips, swollen tongue with teeth prints, puffy face, violation of nasal breathing, hearing and voice alteration (due to the swelli
    ng of the mucous appropriate), swollen limbs.
  • metabolic disorders - obesity, reduced body temperature, yellowness of the skin, cold intolerance.

  • changes in the cardiovascular system, which are expressed in slowing the heart rate (bradycardia), in lowering blood pressure, as well as characteristic changes in the ECG.
  • lesions of the nervous system, in addition to weakness and fatigue, are often expressed in the appearance of pain in the muscles, loss of sensation in some parts of the body and to reduce the tendon reflexes.
  • defeat of the digestive system is characterized by loss of appetite, tendency to constipation, enlargement of the liver, development of biliary dyskinesia, etc.
  • Disorders of the reproductive system are expressed in changes of the menstrual cycle, reduced libido, erectile problems occur.
  • Changing the qualitative and quantitative composition of the blood - iron deficiency, macrocytic and other types of anemia.

Diagnosing hypothyroidism

If there are several characteristic of hypothyroidism symptoms your doctor may prescribe specific types of surveys to set or confirm the diagnosis: a blood test for thyroid hormones, thyroid ultrasound and blood chemistry.

Treatment of hypothyroidism

In establishing "hypothyroidism" diagnosis appointed replacement therapy with thyroid hormones, which picks up the dose the doctor.

If the reason for the lack of hormone production lay in the iodine deficiency in the diet, then the cure can be quite simple replenishment amount of iodine in the diet.Not timely initiation of treatment can cause serious complications.

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