pancreas Treatment: folk remedies

Health pancreas is a guarantee not only good digestion, and carbohydrate metabolism.Such life-threatening diseases, such as pancreatic cancer, diabetes or acute pancreatitis treated with conventional medicine.pancreas Treatment folk remedies possible in the case of chronic pancreatitis.

pancreas, despite its small size, plays an important role in the digestive system and the whole organism.

As it secretes digestive gland in duodenum enzymes (trypsin, maltose, and lactase al.), Which are involved in the digestion of food.

In addition, in the pancreas are "islands" of cells involved in another task - the secretion of hormones insulin, glucagon and lipokoina.They are responsible for carbohydrate metabolism.With the death of these cells in a person develops a serious illness threatening to fatal complications - diabetes.


pancreatic One of the most common diseases of the pancreas are acute and chronic pancreatitis, diabetes, cancer of the pancreas.Of these, acute pancreatitis, diabetes and can

cer are life-threatening conditions, so they should be treated solely by means of conventional medicine.

in the treatment of chronic forms of pancreatitis are admitted sparing folk remedies.Herbs allow the patient to find a good appetite, relieve pain, improve digestion.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Golden mustache

good remedy is to plant the golden mustache.The stem length of 25 cm is necessary to grind, put in a dark glass bottle of alcohol and pour into a 1: 1 ratio.The infusion stand in a cool place, and then strain.Take 1 tsphalf an hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Parsley and garlic

Take 1 cup of parsley and garlic and 1 lemon is medium in size.Skip all the components through a meat grinder and mix.Accepted 1 tsp15 minutes before each meal.

Everlasting Sand

Take 2 tbspHelichrysum flowers sand, grind and pour 2 cups of boiling water.Let stand for 2 hours.Strain and take half a cup of infusion in the form of heat for half an hour before meals.


Take 2 tbspmugwort, grind and pour 2 cups of cold water.Put on low heat, bring to a boil, and then infuse for 30 minutes.Strain and take 1 tbsp.l.means half an hour before a meal.

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